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Internet Relay Chat

a.k.a [multiplayer notepad].

The [dangers] of IRC (not for the faint-hearted..) - remember, the person you are talking to could be [anyone].

A previous version of this page came up with the following intriguing idea:

Is the 'In Relay Chat' version to be used only when initiating discussions while in HumanInterfaceMode? then? - Kazuhiko
This sounds like a name for someone playing a game of ChineseWhispers? --Mjb67
CorkScrew ponders IRC ChineseWhispers?. How about everyone randomly ignore half the rest of the channel? Would make distributing information through the channel most intriguing.

CorkScrew is very surprised that there isn't a ToothyCat IRC channel and has started one at #toothycat on kern.srcf.ucam.org:6667. If you don't have a clue but want to get set up, free IRC tech support is available from tallisbeautiful@hotmail.com on MSN Messenger
See ToothyWikiInternals/Chat
Also there's a private one on the ToothyWikiInternals/MailServer, but that's just for people with toothycat.net email accounts ^^; - MoonShadow.

For future reference:  [This] is a Pocket PC IRC client. --CH


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