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Matthew Bentham

Homepage at: http://mjb67.net
E-mail:  matthew_bentham@yahoo.com

Number on this Wiki is 1033.
I found this by finding a page you'd edited like StJohnsCollege, clicking "View other revisions", and holding the mouse over the link to your homepage.  For future reference to anyone in the same predicament.  :)  --AlexChurchill

Just as a matter of interest, how do you go about writing unicode Kanji on the wiki?  My method for the Hiragana was basically to list them out by hand and then categorise them appropriately but I don't see that working for Kanji :) --Kazuhiko
KanjiEditor? (there must be some) - save as html.  CutAndPaste?.  --Vitenka

If you're using MSIE, go to WindowsUpdate? and look for the Japanese IME. - MoonShadow
How does that work, Moonshadow?  The IME 2000 gadget that I've got won't enter anything on the edit page dialogue, that becomes kanji when it's on the page.  Basically I've been using http://www.csse.monash.edu.au/~jwb/wwwjdic.html to look up the unicodes for the kanji I want to write. --Mjb67
Uh - not used the 2000 one (can't install it on my work machine without the 2000 CD). Last time I used it was under win98 / MSIE6 - that one functioned as described on the Kanji page (you typed phonetically to produce kana, it would display a tooltip with suggested kanji, and at any point you could press enter to accept the kanji or (IIRC)space to cycle through suggestions). You had to select the appropriate mode in the settings, though. I would be astonished if they have removed the functionality ^^; - MoonShadow
That's what I meant - how do I use that to produce the unicode directives for Wiki pages? --Mjb67
Yup, that just produces the binary, not the html unicode.  Use a WYSIWYG? web editor, SaveAs? HTML.  Or use a hex editor, or continue to do lookup by hand.  --Vitenka


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