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Are yummy.  They have a smashing Jaffa Orangey bit.

Once outnumbered the roleplayers in Inquisitor's Raven campaign by 12 to 1 at the start of a session; 12, coincidentally, was the number that survived, AIR. This may be regarded as having informational value about RolePlayer?s, JaffaCakes, Ravens, or even perhaps TheInquisitor. -RA

This would appear to suggest that the average roleplayer eats 9+7/9 Jaffa Cakes in a session -- Senji
Ah, but one of the RolePlayer?s was not consuming them, having, as he does, an egg allergy

AR: Have you had the ones that come in the brown boxes?  They are chocolate covered on both sides.  They are rather messy to eat, but other than that, I thoroughly recommend them... Mmmmmm

Also extremely good frozen.

Hasn’t the quality of Jaffa-cakes deteriorated over the years? I remember Jaffa-cakes from the mid 1980’s as solid, pleasing objects, thickly coated in chocolate and individually equipped with unstinting amounts of the marmeladey bit under the chocolate. What do you get nowadays? The chocolate is thin and may be off-centre as if it was applied in a slap-dash way and the jammy bit is a small square measly blob, compared to the thick toothsome slab it used to be. Why, you get mostly the dry bisquity bit these days!

We are probably the only inhabited planet in the Solar System, and this is the best we can do? When aliens arrive one day, as they will, how shall we explain the sorry state of Jaffa-cakes? How will we explain why we bother to produce them, as the only planet for millions of miles with anything resembling intelligence?

Will we, in fact, try to fob off the aliens with stories of how the Jaffa-cakes are just right as is – near an optimal state?

I think not! How will an alien space-ship crew react upon reaching a planet and finding they are being fobbed off with sub-standard items? They will be highly intelligent creatures, you see – and having travelled for eons, will be in the market for something toothsome when they finally arrive somewhere. How will they react, at some welcoming party sort of do, when the head alien meets the head-earthling, and it slips out that the Jaffa-cakes being served are in fact inferior compared to the historical high we remember? The alien will be in its rights when it asks ‘Why bother to produce them, then?’

Now, think on, McVities?!


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