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Of all the unreified pages on the ToothyWiki... Chocolate!

How has it lasted this long without reification?

So, what's your favourite - MilkChocolate?, DarkChocolate?, or WhiteChocolate??

StuartFraser, AlexChurchill (usually), Kazuhiko
I like assorted variations like orange chocolate, etc, but not v keen on either pure DarkChocolate? or WhiteChocolate? :(  --AC
I do like dark-choco with orange or mint flavour, but for choco on its own, it has to be milk... --Kazuhiko
Lindt make an excellent milk chocolate with kibbled cocoa beans in.  The ultimate in cocoa solids and very good caffeine-wise too.  Sadly you can't seem to get it in the UK very easily, which is very annoying.  --Jumlian

M-A, Mjb67, Sally, TheInquisitor, ChrisHowlett, MikeJeggo, AngelaRayner


PeterTaylor, MoonShadow

Senji, ChrisHowlett, AngelaRayner

AngelaRayner, ChrisHowlett

TraidcraftOrganicPlainChocolateMadeWithDarkBrownMuscovadoSugar? - [gorgeous]. Whoever thought of using dark brown sugar in chocolate is a genius.

And Angela successfully splits herself into three people in order to consume three times as much chocolate :) --Kazuhiko

CH realises he's in three categories, and so should really be in "it depends", but I don't like MilkChocolate? (unless wrapped round a kit-kat). Dark should be 70% cocoa solids or more (Lindt or GreenAndBlacks). With orange should, preferably, be GreenAndBlacks MayaGold?.
Sally would like to be in a DarkChocolate? (sometimes with a hint of (orange/mint)) but decided this was excessively complicating a simple three way descision...

MikeJeggo has put himself in the DarkChocolate? category (he recommends Fry's Marching Chocolate, available in Asda btw), but would like to stress that all chocolate is welcome.  One category missing in any case is chocolate with a hint of Coffee in it... delicious :)

No Chocolate for me :(  Pauvre pauvre moi.  A sign on our coffee machine (which has recently started dispensing icky tepid water instead of ice cold stuff) - No chocolate #40, #54.  No Cheese #70, #47  --Vitenka
Why does your CoffeeMachine? dispense cheese and cold water? --M-A
Cold water is an obviously good thing for it to dispense.  I'm pretty sure it doesn't actually dispense cheeses under normal circumstances.  --Vitenka

See also: ChocolateBiscuitMachine, JaffaCakes, MagicalChocolate, MintMunchies, OrangeBowl, TheGoodOldDays/SweetsChocolateAndFood


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