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An unusual style of adventure game / interactive anime, played in a web browser.  It's American in origin, but strongly anime-influenced.  Features a rather cool bunch of [characters].

The game consists of 52 episodes.  They're being gradually released - so far 6 have been created.  The game is ShareWare, and so the first eight episodes are free; playing 9 thru 52 requires registration (about $18).

The game itself consists of large chunks of plot and character development (where you advance by just clicking Continue), scattered with a few quite tricky puzzles.  Most of the puzzles so far are solved by noticing something slightly out of the ordinary and clicking on it.  There is an inventory system and a lot of potential, but it's not been fully exploited yet in the first five episodes.

The official website is http://www.ladystar.net/ .  You can play the episodes online [here], or download them [here].  You can send email to Heavy Cat Multimedia, the developers, [here].

For those who've played any of it: what do people think?
AlexChurchill recommends you play Episode 3.  The puzzle in the first half has a map to explore and several items to find and use, which you might find more fun than just clicking "continue", although it requires some pretty keen observation and lateral thinking about the locations.  Alternatively, if you skip the puzzle and go straight to the second half, the characterisation shines best (IMHO) in Ep 3 than any other I've played.  Email me for the URL of the start of the second half, if you want.
The LadyStar developers actively want reports of what the JavaScript errors are in different (current) browsers, so I suspect it'd go down well if you could [email that info to them].  In my experience, they've fixed such errors reasonably quickly.  --AlexChurchill


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