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For official Wizards spoilers only.

TODO collect together the older pages with hints.

[Top Ten] questions asked when preparing the FAQ

10) What counts as an insult?
(PeterTaylor) So does the card encourage or prohibit insults? The former seems more likely...
Could this be for MTG: Miss Demeanor's evil twin? --Edwin
Hmm, good thought! I used to love MTG: Miss Demeanor. Sometimes you'd almost forget and have exchanges like "I end my turn." "--You say that so well, so crisply and quickly... *whew*! --AlexChurchill
9) Are negative numbers allowed?

8) Can I borrow other people's shoes?

7) How much of their body can a creature be missing in the art and still count?

6) Whose job is it to keep track of time?

5) Does nothing come alphabetically first or last?

4) Is gum food?

3) Do fingernails count?

2) How does the card work if actress Kate Bosworth is playing it?
(PeterTaylor) She is, apparently, famous for having one hazel and one blue eye. Draw your own conclusions.

1) Do I have to scream at the end of every turn or just my turn?
(PeterTaylor) This might affect the likelihood of finding a college room where we can hold an Unhinged event.

Secret Previews

Hmm, seems like this page has fallen by the wayside. I just love the magicthegathering.com preview card for today (Thursday 18th). No, not the [Aesthetic Consultation] though that's pretty cool too, the *other* preview card. They said they'd never print another card with Banding... hah! The interaction between two others of its abilities is a little counterintuitive also... Incidentally, I get the impression from the FAQ that there's a non-creature equivalent in red. --AC
(PeterTaylor) My lips are sealed except on one matter: on said interaction the FAQ appears to be plain wrong. See CompRules or d'Angelo's A.14.Ruling.1. I may supply someone going to the prerelease with a sealed envelope containing FAQ errata and other useful reference material (although not the entire Oracle), since I've seen spoilers for most cards and there are some things which I know people will not know.
I'm not sure. The Ruling is clear but old; the CompRules less clear but dated much more recently. Sections d and k of the relevant rule seem, as far as I can tell, to agree with the Unhinged FAQ against the CrystalKeep? rulings, which aren't being maintained any more. Should one of us email them for clarification? --AC
(PeterTaylor) Section m seems the most important to me. If the FAQ were right, then I don't think m would need to be so general. And I'm prepared to bet 5p that Saturday School has already received an e-mail about it: it's being hotly discussed in the Unhinged and Rules Q&A fora.
(PeterTaylor) [FAQ updated^Wcorrected]

Oh, I love this one. --Requiem

Curse you! I don't have enough time to scour the site looking for a hidden link... Could someone email me a location for the *other* card? --CH
It's in the diff. --Requiem
AdvertisingSlogan?!  --Vitenka (That is an eeeeeevil card though.  The interactions I presume you are talking about are the first two and... I presume from the rest of the card it is counted as 'since it came into play' not 'actually each turn' which would be just too good.)
Nup, it's abilities 1 and 3 that Peter and I are arguing about. Ability 2 just does what one would expect whenever it's actually there to do anything. --AC
Ah, hang on - yes, because it.  Hmm.  aren't you allowed to choose what order start of turn effects go off in, but you have to do them all?  So even if ability 1 happens first, ability 3 still has to go off?  They did this just to annoy us CardName?, didn't they?  Besides, it ought to bury something, affect the ante and start a subgame.  Bah to these NewFangled? abilities ;)  --Vitenka
Subgames are back too. --Requiem

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