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World Class Cuisine

Sells products that are related to cows, chickens and potatoes.  Apparently. --AR
I believe you'll find their fries have nothing to do with potatoes and are made from maize. --MJ
There's also a seperate, better-known chain of restaurants with a clown mascot also called McDonalds which are more like sewer-class cuisine ^_^ - Xarak the Vegeterian

Check out : http://www.supersizeme.com/

I'm not sure how much this movie proves. Basically, someone decided to eat McDonald?'s three meals a day for a month, and nothing else. If they were offered "Do you want to super size that?", they had to say yes. They went from very good physical condition to sickly, overweight, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc. , unsuprisingly. McDonald?'s point out however that anyone who chooses to eat twice the recommended calorie limit and not exercize can expect bad things to happen, whether they're eating McDonald?'s or anything else. Which is a point. Still, it should be a good movie.

Well, the first thing to know is that there are two McDougal?'s outlets, and (I think) three Burger-Kong's.
One of each is in the food-court of the mall/cinema.
The OTHER McDougal?'s, though - is slap bang in the middle of an olde worlde tourist trappe.  It's on a fabulous high rent street alongside high-class polished wooden board games, "No one can afford me" dresses and jewellery... And to be FURTHER out of place, within a hundred yards of The Gardinia (which is a nasty greek chippy) and the market - which is home to "The VanOfLife?" (a burger stand) and "The VanOfDeath?" (A N Other BurgerVan?) - which stand, during the hours of darkness, at opposite corners of the closed down market.
This McDougals? has an awful fiberglass recreation of GraecoEgyptian? urns (of the sort that only exist in archaeologists' nightmares and Disneyland).
Now, if you can't do something occult with that...  Well.
I'll let someone else pick up the mystical pulse of the nation, thing.  It's certainly sensible to take the new attacks on fast-food as direct mystical correspondence.
And, of course, the new "Mac Donalds, as you've never seen it before" posters with salads and such HAVE to be signalling the awakening.
It should be pointed out that a good number of students ARE fast-food addicts, and at their chippy of choice, will become a known face greeted with "Your usual?" just like a local at a pub.
Enjoy.  Hope it helps.  YMMV and all those other sign off lines.  --Vitenka

Used by TheEconomist? for their purchasing power parity Big Mac index. --DR
What is this exactly? --AR
If memory serves, it's the average cost of an extra-value meal in the country in question. It is, actually, remarkably accurate, although it surely raises questions of CauseAndEffect. --CH

A Google search turns up McDonalds as the official home page. Merge and delete?
While I would dearly love to believe that ToothyWiki has taken over Google and the internet to that extent, I think it unlikely... --AC

CategoryFood. Allegedly.
CategoryEatingPlace (if forced)

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