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I'm putting a mead order together for LurgashallWinery? and wondered if anyone would like to add to the order, if so please put your name and the type and quantity of mead you want below.

The varieties of mead Lurgashall do is listed on their website, linked below.  Whisky Mead :) 

I'll probably be placing the order late next week.(week ending the 29th of June) --Steve

I was planing to get some Celtic and some Whisky mead not sure how much of each yet tho probable whatever rounds the order off to a multiple of six. --Steve
Am I missing something? It looks to me as if all the cases of six are six times the cost of the individual bottles. In any case, I'm interested in a variety - in particular Whisky, Spiced and Celtic, but I'm happy to adjust what I get to help make multiples if necessary. --Edwin
No, you don't appear to be missing anything, embarassingly enough I skimread and didn't actually add up. --MoonShadow

I'd like about 3 bottles, of which 1 spiced, and the others whatever apart from whisky. I'll put in some example figures below but they can be tweaked quite a lot to make the numbers work out. --Rachael

Does anyone have previous experience of ordering with this winery and know how long an order takes to arrive? I'm going to be in Cambridge for about 36 hours in 4 weeks, so if the logistics will work out I would be interested. P&P to Spain is probably too high to be worthwhile. --PT
And as an observation, there doesn't seem to be any benefit to ordering in multiples of 6. As Edwin points out, the price doesn't change, and the P&P within the UK is free for any order of 12 bottles. --PT
I've never ordered for them before so I can't tell you what the delivery times are like sorry, they do say on the website that they aim to have products delivered within five days and at no more than twenty eight days.  --Steve
Well, since my doctor instructed me this morning to reduce my alcohol consumption and come back for a blood test in 6 months, I think I'll pass this time. --PT

Are these people particularly good / cheap that makes ordering from them more sensible than finding a bricks'n'mortar to buy from? --CH
Well, I'd *assume* that getting the mead directly from the winery would be no worse than getting it from a third party, but I assumed things above that were wrong, so... Quality-wise, these are the people that were at the last beer festival, so those who've tasted the mead there will know exactly what they're getting. --MoonShadow
In my case, I never get around to going to a bricks'n'mortar shop that sells mead, but if someone's ordering some then I go "Ooh, mead! Yes please." --Rachael
Where is the nearest bricks'n'mortar shop that sells mead? The mead of their's that I have tried was quite nice so I see no reason not to try some of their other mead. I've had the Whisky mead and the English mead. --Steve 

MoonShadow: 2 Celtic, 1 Whisky, 1 Spiced, 1 St. George's, 1 Reserve please
Edwin: 1 Celtic, 1 Whisky, 1 Spiced, 1 St George, 1 Reserve, 1 Dry please
Rachael: 1 Celtic, 1 Spiced, 1 Reserve please
David+Crystal:  1 Celtic, 1 English, 2 Spiced
Steve: 3 Celtic, 2 Whisky, 1 Reserve

Total (so far)
Celtic: 8
Whisky: 4
Spiced: 5
Reserve: 4
St George: 2
Dry: 1
English: 1

Mead ordered. --Steve
Meads here, those of you who are coming to mine on Saturday can pick your mead up then, otherwise please contact me, or post on the wiki. --Steve 
Please could you send mine with SunKitten & MoonShadow? I can either give them a cheque to give to you, or do an electronic transfer. --Rachael
If they're ok with picking up your mead then sure, a cheque would be easiest I think. --Steve 
Can you bring mine to the next WA? --Edwin
No problem. --Steve

So, when we order this - is the stuff just sitting in a warehouse or is it mead to order? (RunsAndHides. Very very fast)
Nope, Mead is special stuff; it would go off too fast if they just used a normal terrestrial warehouse.  Instead they have these turned oak hoaguns that they suspend out in the aether using thread spun of silk and poetry.  To deliver the bottle, they have a  specially trained delivery guy - he's about 80, has a face covered in tattoos, and can still crack walnuts with his teeth.  Anyway, to deliver a bottle he gets out a pendant, and dangles it over the delivery map, and then just kind of LOOKS at it, and reality sort of twists, there is a little vibrating noise, and voila, the bottle appears.  It is tricky stuff.  I couldn't do it.  After all, to summon spirits it takes a trained Mead-ium.  --DR
Oh dear god. And I didn't see it coming. Perhaps because (nit-picking) mead isn't really a spirit. But that was truly awful. Well done. --CH

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