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A Japanese Doctor working in a hospital in Germany gets caught up in a series of murders, and has to confront ethical questions: when you can only perform surgery to save some of the people coming into the hospital, how do you choose who to save? Do you go for those who will benefit the hospital politically the most? If not, then how do you decide?

Shounen vs Shoujo : Certainly not shoujo.
Highbrow vs Lowbrows : neutral?
Classic vs Contemporary : set around the rejoining of east and west Germany
Action vs Heartwarming : medium paced
Horror vs Chick Flick : horror

Pallando, AlexChurchill, MoonShadow and SunKitten really liked this one.
Tsunami also likes this. It bears more than a passing resemblance to the old TV series, The fugitive. Doctor on the run form the police, commits random acts of kindness, however, this is only a passing resemblance. Monster is much deeper and darker and more interesting than The fugitive.

CategoryAnime CategoryMonster, clearly...

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