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"Oi! Oi! Oi!"

Methods of summoning nagi:

Note: Although this method of summoning is known to be effective, it in no way guarantees the safety of the summoner

What kind of protective wards are recommended when summoning Nagi? -- Senji

[Vodka] seems most effective.

...And Nagi's opinion of this...?

Nagi - I guess there are always going to be a few seconds of safety whilst I cringe at the calling...

MikeJeggo: Nagi, I have never known you cringe at the mention of the V-word.  Quite the reverse... >:>

Nagi - The cringing would be in response to the truly frightening calling of "NagiHime!", O Mike, ye friendly curly-haired butt-monkey. The V-word would only bring out the most primeval of instincts and desires.

AntonyChurchill: Interesting... I suggest we experiment! What about Vodka-Hime?

Tsunami: Protective wards are not enough, I suggest a whole hospital....

AlexChurchill: What... to protect the vodka?? No, on second thoughts, there's nothing that could [protect vodka from Nagi] once he's summoned...

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