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As we all know, Proper Vodka is made by fermenting Turnips.

This explains much. Like, Baldrick.

Turnips? You had turnips? Honestly, some people don't know they're born. When I were a lad, we used to make our vodka out of [chairs]! ;) - MoonShadow
A fantastic quote from the first page on Google: "We can't live without alcohol, [but] we can't afford vodka."  So they brew their own... --M-A

Vodka should be drunk in 100-150ml portions, which are downed. Each portion is separated by a period of zakuski - strong-tasting and/or heavily meaty snacks; cured meat or sausage, dill gherkins, smoked salmon, pelmeni, heavy potato salads, mature cheese.. all make good zakuski; the more of these you have around, the better. Most Russian?s would be horrified at the western way of drinking - 3-4 hours in a pub, alcohol and no food or soft drinks.

Good vodka has only a very subtle taste or bite. Look for Stolichnaya. Pertsovka is an experience, if you can get hold of it.

When was in Azerbaijan for a conference and they served vodka rather than wine with the meals. We therefore drank it like wine, sipping as we ate. Now I know how I should have done it. It was very good vodka - incredibly smooth and didn't hit the back of the throat like some the paint-stripper variants in the UK. It had a brown label, would that enable MoonShadow identify it? --Nat
I'm afraid I can't identify it from just the label colour. Perhaps if it occurs in [this] Google images search..? - MoonShadow
No, nothing in the first ten pages looked familiar. I only got glimpses of the bottle as we had waiters topping up the glasses and they held the bottle in a cloth. -- Nat

[Vodka smuggling pipeline] --Admiral

[Doctors save man with vodka drip] --Admiral

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