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People coming here looking for the nononono cat: welcome! You want [this] video.

A quadruple negative. This either means negative, magnitude 4, or positive, magnitude 1, depending on whether you treat sequencing as additive or multiplicative.

This, of course, only holds if you map "No" or negative to -1, and "Yes" or positive to +1. Or, since you've used 4, "No" to +i and "Yes" to 1. And possibly many other combinations I can't be bothered to work out. ChrisHowlett

I'll bear that in mind if I ever need to represent "I'd imagine not" as a number ^_*

Alternatively, it is a cry of denunciation of double negatives: "No! No 'No no!'"
Or 'not Kefr'Ana No' --GarBled??


I say nonononononono to bigots! I am feeling most put out at the moment because I have to attend the pagan water rites of my husband's nephew. I have been told I am unable to receive communion in this church and am up in arms about this prejudice. NoNoNoNo. Does anyone feel like having an anti-Catholic rant?

Yes please -nyo.
Though, I can't really see why this should trigger one.  A fairly central tenet of the Catholic faith (in common with many other faiths) is "There is but one god, the true god, and you shall worship none other" wanting to go to a ritual for two different religions is a bit, well... it's kinda outlawed by the rules of that church.  Don't feel too bad, they'd be debarring you if you were performing Barmitzva too.

MoonShadow doesn't understand. Pagan water rites? Is this some sort of male-bonding seeing-how-high-you-can-wee thing?

Giggle.  How necessary a translator from LEJ-speak to English is.  I believe she means "infant baptism" ;)  --AC

(PeterTaylor) I understood that perfectly. The two things I don't understand are why she wants to receive communion from pagans and the reply about two different religions.
Ooops - ignore me then.  There are such things as water rites, and they are often used as part of the 'pagan' religious mish-mash.  So why IS the church debarring you from communion?  (Other than CannibalismIsIllegal? type reasons)
PeterTaylor is not LEJ. However, in answer to your question, the RomanCatholicChurch? debars non-Catholics from receiving mass, and Catholics from receiving communion in non-Catholic churches. Possibly some exceptions for Anglicans of late, and possibly exceptions for Orthodox.
Then the 'one worship' thing still stands, surely?  I would have thought it'd be the orthodox boycotting the catholic, rather than the other way round though.
The Orthodox do boycott the Catholic, as far as I know, but not the other way round - that is, a Catholic priest is permitted to give communion to an Orthodox individual, but an Orthodox priest may not give communion to a Catholic individual. But like Alex, ICBW - SunKitten
''AlexChurchill: I believe Catholic churches are not officially *meant* to make exceptions for Anglicans, because the official line is that the Catholic Church is the only true church (BICBW).  However, a number of Catholic priests are more sympathetic towards visitors from other branches of the Church, and will unofficially allow communion for visitors.  Please anyone correct me if any of this is incorrect.
(PeterTaylor) There has been some mutual recognition between the RCC and the Anglican church recently, and I think the RCC now says something semi-positive about the AC continuing in the apostolic succession.

Guess what? I now so nonononono to someone called Harold Brown. He argues all feminists believe in evolution because they think women were created later and are therefore better than men?? Morag - does that make you a feminist or does the logic only work one way.
BuhDuh?? Buh tha...  That is such mixed and twisted logic.  My brain hurts now.
This is what happens when a bloke tries to use superior feminine logic. Someone should tell this Harold to stick to male thought patterns. - MoonShadow.
Do you mean, feminists are all Creationists because that way women were created second and are therefore the superior model? 'Cause applying that to evolution, which has male and female ape-like things becoming male and female man-like things at roughly the same time, doesn't seem to make much sense - SunKitten

The man means feminists are implicitly evolutionists. He thinks they *claim* to be creationists but because they think women are better than men they are really evolutionists in disguise but acc. to him evolutionists think what comes later is better. He doesn't believe there can be a thing as a biblical feminist and everytime he writes 'biblical feminist' he puts biblical in italics!!

Ok, now, that isn't just stupid - but it doesn't even make any internal sense.  I suppose his intent is to confuse you and then get you to think "So feminists believe something that is confusing and makes no sense" but actually, he just comes out looking rather stupid.  --Vitenka  IMHO, that's not slander.

BTW my mum said I should just take communion anyway but Peter has refused to allow me to go to mass because he fears I may give an impromptu sermon on Galatians 2 (another suggestion of my mum)

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