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Takes place most Monday evenings at Tsunami's house.

Next week's showing:

There currently are no plans to hold more MondayAnime meetings, unless more people can be found to attend.

Tsunami, I have a CunningPlan: how about SaturdayAnime? - meet at TheFlat before SaturdayCoffee for some RollerBlading (depending on SunKitten & MoonShadow, of course), go to SaturdayCoffee then go back to your place and watch anime. What do you think? --Steve
Sounds good to me, this weekend? --Tsunami
yup if it's ok to meet at TheFlat at errm what time do you reckon? --Steve
Uh, you do mean "Tsunami's" by "yours" above, don't you? I hope you do, 'cos it can't be over TheFlat - SunKitten will be trying to sleep for her night shift. Why not meet up down the Castle during SaturdayCoffee? - MoonShadow
yes I meen Tsunami's, we could meet at the Castle but I don't know were it is. --Steve
TheCastle - click on the postcode. - MoonShadow
However, if you were to come to mine first, we would only have to find parking for one car. --Tsunami
Good plan what time should I be at your's? --Steve
Er, well if we are starting cofee at 2pm, then about ten two. I am not sure what we are doing about Blading tho. May be better to leave that til Sunday as the weather forecast looks better. --Tsunami
K see you around 1:50 then. --Steve
Starting coffee at 2 only leaves you an hour before the pub shuts. Also, you might want to let people know it's happening :) - SunKitten
Ok, then I suggest that we start the pub session at 1.00pm. I can't send any E-mails until tonight, as my work machine doesn't have any sccess to my home address book, which has the list for the pub. Could I ask you to do it please? (isn't this indenting getting out of hand?) --Tsunami
Yes, but it doesn't matter. I'll send the email :) - SunKitten
Right 12:50 then. (Ooo indenting off the edge of the page) --Steve

Stuff we hope to be showing soon:

Anything to anyone.


See above.

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