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This is not the user you are looking for.
Oh, but it is :) I forgot to tell tjm yesterday that we also have a lot of manga for him from Kazuhiko. Space is at a premium here (and we just got another bagful of books from the nice CUSFS library :) so we want him to take them away, please. I'm assuming here that you have some sort of way of getting in touch; if you don't, sorry. We're not in from late tomorrow to late Sunday - SunKitten
D'oh! I knew there was something I forgot to collect whilst I was in Cambridge... -_- Sorry for taking up your space for so long; could I get you to give it all to someone from Oblivion, then, and they can add it to the piles of manga they're already holding on to for me? They need to watch all of RurouniKenshin? too, of course, and conveniently it's now the holiday, so they'll no doubt be grateful for the cds. Thanks! (And sorry for using Gwyntar's home page....) - tjm
OK, I can drop them off with TheInquisitor if he's visiting WednesdayAnime this week. Otherwise they might have to wait a bit. Any people from Oblivion going to be around TheFlat in the coming week or two? - SunKitten
I doubt I'll make WednesdayAnime, alas. I have a Gravitation DVD for you, from David Waller, I think, too. -- TI
Move along.
Why is this on Gwyntars page?  --Vitenka
'Cause I met Gwyntar  and tjm in town on Friday. tjm was just staying somewhere, so I didn't know how much, if any, net access he had. Therefore I contacted Gwyntar as the person most likely to know - SunKitten
It's not like I was using this page for anything important. Unfortunately I didn;t check toothywiki in time to get the original message while it was useful.

(This page has a 18th magnitude Aegis against Lusers and the Curious)


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