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Details? What does it taste like? Where can I get some? What are the ingredients? Do you know any good recipes? ;)

Right... *rolls his sleeves up, puts on apron*... IronChefKazu? goes to work...

Princess Tutu

12oz PastelSparklies (preferably in silvers and blues)
2 loves
A pinch of romance
At least 2 kg of ballet and associated themes
1 InsaneStoryteller?
2 tsp Angst (more if required)
2 bishounen
500ml Essence of Magical Girl
1 duckling
1 raven's feather (black)
Various animals (to taste)

Take the InsaneStoryteller? and allow it to marinade in a mixture of 0.5oz Angst, 3 oz PastelSparklies, and a little of the ballet.  Similarly marinade the two bishounen in the remainder of the angst, roughly half of the remaining ballet and one of the loves, finely ground.  Leave for at least two hours, or until the angst and ballet have been fully absorbed.

In a separate bowl, mix the duck, essence of magical girl, 5oz PastelSparklies and the remainder of the ballet.  Take care to mix thoroughly.

Carefully add one of the bishounen ('uke' if it is possible to determine), to the duck mixture along with the romance and the remaining love, diced.

Finally, add the remaining bishounen, the InsaneStoryteller? and the raven's feather.  Add various other animals to taste.  The consistency should be generally light and fluffy with an undertone of the angst.

Chill until set and top with the remainder of the PastelSparklies just before serving.

 - Kazuhiko

Evil person.. I want to watch that now! - MoonShadow
*waves* BokuMo. All of the above. You do quite an impressive InsaneStoryteller? impression yourself, Kazuhiko-san... and I've quoted "Carefully add one of the bishounen to the duck mixture"... and I'm wanting to watch this now :)  --AlexChurchill
Well, we've almost finished Guu, and we need something else to stick in the 'let's try this' slot :) - SunKitten, who is also intrigued by PrincessTutu

MuHaHaHaHa...  Kazuhiko notes that the way to get people interested in an anime series is to make a recipe of it :)  I can supply CDs next LAC if that would be useful?
If that would be OK.. the problem with BitTorrent is that you can only get what other people are getting, and everyone else seems to already have eps 1-12. Thanks! - SunKitten
As a matter of interest, where did you find BitTorrent'able eps 3-13?  I had to find an IRC channel to download those.  Couldn't find them on BitTorrent at all.  Just to let you know, 1-2 are DVD source (excellent quality) and the others are TV source (OK/good quality) - Kazuhiko
Um, we didn't. That's why I assumed everyone else already had them :) - MoonShadow
Ah, logic.  Ever a foreign language to me... - Kazuhiko

Vitenka bows and exits, stage left, at speed.
PursuedByABear?  --AC
Shakespeare reference, no? --CH
Snagglepuss even. --Vit?
Ehh... I meant it as a Shakespeare reference, having played a clown in TheWintersTale? at one point.  But people can take it however they like...  --AC
I will have to admit, my first thought was Snagglepuss, although I couldn't remember his name... :) - Kazuhiko

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