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"Secure SHell"
As opposed to "SecuresHell?"

[Commercial] software suite intended to replace tools such as Telnet?, rlogin and rcp. [Free] implementations of the protocol have been written (PuTTY and WinSCP will be notable to people running [Windows]).

The protocol is Freely specified (someone find the RFC number and put it here ;), and there are implementations for most operating systems. For his many sins, Emperor maintains the openssh packages for Debian (with able assistance from Col).

Oooh - that's useful to know >:) Just to bug people with an FAQ, assuming I wanted to use SCP rather than SFTP and nothing would convince me otherwise, is there any particular Debian packaged GUI in stable or testing that you'd recommend? - MoonShadow
Based on experience of about 12 months ago, there are no SCP or SFTP front-ends that I'd recommend.  However, this may have changed. -- Senji
The Officially-approved UI for scp is documented in bash(1) :-) -- Emperor
Unwieldy for transferring multiple files located in different places, though :) - MoonShadow, who Sees a Need
 scp $(cat list-of-files) remote:target/
-- Senji

They all go to different places on the remote side. I take your point though - I could write a script and use ssh-agent so I only have to enter the password once. - MoonShadow
tar -zc $(cat list-of-files) | ssh remote tar -zx
Missing the point a little. It doesn't have to be a GUI - scrolling/arrow keys is fine; but what I am after is a way of generating the list-of-files by selecting files from a, um, list, rather than typing them; and then selecting the destination(s) by browsing lists so I don't have to either remember stuff or cd/ls/copy-paste. Ideally the thing that does the generation then takes care of spawning ssh/tar, scp or whatever for me; certainly if it doesn't, I'll be wrapping it in a script of some sort so it does. - MoonShadow

SSH handles authentication, encryption and permits forwarding of arbitrary ports; other protocols, such as FTP and HTTP, can therefore be tunnelled over an SSH connection.

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