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Fifteen years ago, the Queen (I don't think the country's been identified yet) gave birth to twins; a boy and a girl. A prophecy was made about the girl that when she turned sixteen, she would become 'the poison that will destroy the world.' In the present day, the anime follows the fifteen-year old 'dethroned princess' as she wanders with her (presumably) adopted older brother and sister.

Pacifica Kasull, the princess herself. She comes across as a little vain and very self-confident, but she does worry about the prophecy, understandably. She's friendly and outgoing.
Shannon Kasull, the older brother. Good swordsman, grumpy in the morning and a generally taciturn outlook. He gets bossed around by Pacifica.
Raquel Kasull, the older sister. She appears to be a competent mage, and is cheerful.
Leo, the son of a noble, I think. He pops up in the second episode and declares his love for Pacifica, without knowing who she is. He wants to be a knight of some order, but is currently travelling with the Kasull wagon, after proposing to Pacifica. He refers to her as his fiancee thereafter. He's very cheerful, oblivious to many of the undercurrents and rather incompetent - a bit like Amelia from Slayers.
Chris, an officer in an army (whose army? I have no idea). He's been sent to kill Pacifica, and keeps trying in various ways. He's very young, somewhat morose and irritatingly persistent. He uses an axe, and is pretty good with it. He's also got a couple of followers/assistants, but they haven't contributed to much so far and I don't know their names.
Uinia, a tavern girl Pacifica met while staying in a village. Uinia has very little self-confidence and feels that she's not really worth much. She envies Pacifica her travels when the two first meet. They become friends.
Some purple-haired spirit whose name I have forgotten. She appears as a small girl, floating in the air. So far she's been helpful to the Kasulls' cause, but not very clear about her help - rather oracle-like.
And she's a dragon. (although not yet of the scaly variety.  Who knows...) - Kazuhiko

The art is beautiful and the story, so far, well told. There haven't been any blatant filler episodes. The music is nice, and the OP and ED are good. The only irritating thing is that it comes out very slowly.

We've now seen the whole thing, so should add that the entire series is, in fact, stunningly good. --Pallando

yes..this anime is just..wow.fantasic art,and more importantly, the story is soo good!!we havent seen it all yet..we are upto episode 15 i think..thanks morag and sergei for giving us the discs!! ^__^ --Denji  (heh, most importantly, the themesongs are super cool!!)

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