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What do you see here?  What OS and Font are you using?

“” ₨ - – — ①②③④⑤⑥⑦⑧⑨⓪ ⓐⓑⓒⓓⓔ

(Should be Open-Double-Quote, Close-Double-Quote  Rupee-Sign  Hyphen  Endash  Emdash  Ringed-numbers-1234567890 Ringed-letters-abcde)

I get the above without the rings (with the numbers and letters in a different style) using New Century Schoolbook on Debian Etch's Iceweasel [image] -- Senji

[Windows XP service pack 2] - MoonShadow (numbers 1-3 bad, 4-9 and a-e approximated with parentheses)
[Windows 2000 SP 4, Verdana font] --qqzm (numbers 1-3 bad)
[Ubuntu 8.04 beta] --cjwatson (all correct)
[Windows XP SP 2, Times New Roman (apparently) (at work)] --ChrisHowlett (numbers 1-3 bad, 4-9 and a-e approximated with parentheses)
[Windows XP SP 2, Times New Roman (apparently) (at home)] --ChrisHowlett (all correct)
[Windows XP Pro SP 2, Firefox, Arial] --AlexChurchill (all correct)
[Debian Lenny, Iceweasel, serif] -- PeterTaylor (all correct, although the ringed letters look a bit odd)
I get this too, on one Debian/unstable machine, but worse on another.
[Windows XP SP2, Times New Roman] --Rachael (numbers 1-3 bad (minus, equals, star in circles), 4-9 and a-e approximated with parentheses). Oh, and the rupee sign is wrong too, apparently (I didn't know what it was supposed to look like, but it looks different from Alex's.)
The rupee sign looks different, but it's correct. That's just variation between fonts. --PT
[My Windows XP SP2, Times New Roman work machine] --qqzm (Rupee and 0 bad)
[Windows XP SP1, Firefox, Lucida Sans Unicode] --B (all correct)

[Having installed the supplemental language support packs from the XP CD, I now get this] - MoonShadow (I suspect the approximation-with-brackets may be down to Times New Roman. Note the rupee sign has changed.)
[Windows XP SP2, Times New Roman] --SF (all correct, just to throw off the previous theory. Well, 0 is a bit weird).
[Windows XP SP2, Times New Roman, Firefox from home box] --SF (all correct except that the 0 is half-sized).
Some deep magic going on then. Hm. You're using MSIE in that shot, I'm using FF. If I visit this page in MSIE (v6 on this box), only the - is correct - *all* the other characters are boxes. - MoonShadow
Firefox is unfortunately not installed on this computer, so I can't check the browser thing. This is IE 7.0.5730.11 --SF
Alex, what browser is your shot from? You use IE7 IIRC, don't you? - MoonShadow
IIRC, he uses IE only for ToothyChat, and FF for everything else. --Rachael
Yes, that's right. [The shot above] is from Firefox; viewing the page on the same machine but in IE(6) [looks like this]: everything the same except the Rupee doesn't display and the circled-0 looks different. Despite both being in my default font of Arial. --AC

I just tried it in IE 6 (Times New Roman) and I get lines and boxes for everything except the quotes. --Rachael

[MacOSX 10.5, Firefox default font] -- khrister (1-9 bad, the rest ok) In Safari, also default font, everything looks ok.
[Debian/testing, Iceweasel, default font (FreeSerif)] -- MoonShadow (letters bad, rest OK)
[Debian/Stable Opera 9.26 Helvetica] --MairAW All present, but 0 is weird.
[FreeBSD 6.2, Firefox "serif"] --NickTaylor, only the circled 9 looks as though it belongs in the same font as regular text, but all the others match their descriptions.

OK, last night after installing the additional language support packs I didn't actually reboot before taking the screenshots above. Having done so this morning, I now get what Alex gets in IE, and [this] in Firefox. So, solution: install the [supplemental language support] and reboot. - MoonShadow
Yes, I did idly wonder if it was related to that. Naturally I have kanji installed, due to my occasional visits to Japanese pages and even-more-occasional attempts to read them. (I've no idea why the rupee and circled-0 would be different between two browsers' attempts at displaying it in Arial-with-language-pack, though. --AC

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