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"The Magazine of Christian unrest"


Has a set of [forums] (fora?): Heaven, Purgatory, Hell, The Styx, Limbo, Ecclesiantics and Dead Horses.  They're quite interesting to read, although the server sometimes falls over in a big heap through excess traffic - e.g. when it got [SlashDot?]ted (at least, I think it was SlashDot?...). --M-A

Launched the "[Church of Fools]" (sounds like the UI is a bit like PuzzlePirates, but with less puzzles, and more praying).
Waggle your joystick to pray. Waggle hard enough and you can make an animated mountain move across the screen. -- PlasmonPerson
<tries to avoid gullibility, whilst still being curious> Really? --M-A
Nah, not really.
The Church of Fools has its own set of [forums].  Very different flavour from the main forums. --M-A

Other sections:
[Mystery Worshipper] - like a mystery shopper, but with churches.
HolyTrinity? church, Cambridge has been trying to get someone to put a review on it for a month or two.
Only a month or two?  That's not very long.  And even when someone does do a review, it'll take another 6 months or so to get it edited and on the website, at current rates.  They're quite flooded. --M-A
Well, as in, we keep getting emails from the Student contact going "We haven't got an entry on ShipOfFools - anyone want to write one?"
Hmm.  I'd be surprised if that got you anywhere.  Part of the point of MW is that it's done by someone who *doesn't* already go to the church... --M-A
Yes, I thought that. --CH (as are the above comments)
As of 2007, Holy Trinity has [an entry]. --CH
HolyTrinityCambridge? is my church. I think the review is pretty accurate. The problems with projection/slides persist to this day. --RobHu
[Gadgets for God] - for anyone who really, really wants a nodding Jesus to sit on the dashboard of their car, or a "Lord of the Kings" jigsaw.

AFAIK, in the early history of the Ship, they had just one bulletin board, and then they separated it out into Heaven, Purgatory and Hell (and the smaller special-interest ones, which come and go over time). They recognise that people need a space to sound off, and Hell is for that. Personal attacks are forbidden on the other boards; you take it to Hell or you get banned.
There are people who don't like to see the sort of conversations that go on in Hell, so they don't go there. There are people who can't bring themselves to be nice, so they stay in Hell. There are people who are happy with both sorts of conversation, so they visit all the boards.
Heaven is billed as "idle creativity and tangents", which sounds like the current state of the Kazu channel (plus the occasional word game which goes on on the main channel and which the Kazu-only people sadly miss out on). Purgatory is for "serious debate", which people sometimes try to start on ToothyChat, but on the main channel it can degenerate into name-calling, and on the Kazu channel it never quite fits and can get crowded out by game/puzzle discussion.
I wonder if it would be worth having a similar parallel three chat channels, with similar rules, made explicit so everyone's clear on that, and not make any of them the "main" channel?
The downside would be the inconvenience of further proliferation of channels, which we already get with just two. (Although part of that inconvenience is the cross-channel conversations which happen when people from one channel want to join in a conversation from the other, and do it in their "own" channel, which I don't think would happen under this suggestion.)
Thoughts? (Obviously it's 100% up to MoonShadow, but I thought I'd suggest it.) --Rachael

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