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Where words go to live after they've been corrected. When you correct a word, be kind to it - send it here to frolic..

It's the land of malk and hunney alright... Or perhaps simply a catalouge of errors.

The land was definately idyllic: humingbirds blatently feed upon mounds of nutiritious suger before coming abck to roost. Semilar perhaps to SwissFamilyRobinson?, although possibly having a few more alien artifactes.

Since bureaucrats have great dificulty working out where they fit in the heirarchy (aka heirachy), inhabitants are not bothered by phenomona of bureaucracy such as the cenus. They spend their time drinking incredably alcoholic cointreu, yet dispite this never seem to get hangovers.

However, things began to turn dark after some of the inhabitants discovered the origional JackChick/RPG, Fanatic : The Prosyletising. The Great Vatican Conspiricy - as well as other unmentioned conspiricies - conspiried together to bring about Savation to the land! Crusanders soon began to appear. Occationally, apocaliptic rumours sparked up.

Jack was a conciever, one of the convievable brethern. He had allready achieved a high ranking in the phyciscal subjects by inventing the powerful dosn't but weapon; this worked, quite simply, by butting one in the phyciscs unil one got so lost in multiple negatives that one had to go and lie down for a bit. He'd joined the brethern after his entire family was enslaved by Uniterian Goths. He'd tried joining the athiests for a while, but their anit-theistic religeon seemed subtly flawed somewhere; too many misshapen 'e's, too few dots over the 'i's, that sort of thing. It just didn't hit that phyciscal spot.

For a while, he did odd jobs for them - going on simple missions to deal with infestations of feral catagories and the like. Catagories are catully quite easy aminals to deal with: they are falsifyable, which means one can shout "fye! fye!" at them until they run away meowling with their tails between their legs. Fye is a bit like Ni that way. And this is what Jack did, until boredom set in.  Fortunately, none of these odd jobs required much in the way of stength, as that wasn't one of Jack's strong points. Oh, he could thnak catagories with the best of them, but if he'd seened anything more ferocious than that he'd been the one turning tail. He'd got quite good at seeneing. When he inteireted a bit of money, he quit.

So he became a pacificst; in other words, he moved to a quiet little idyllic island in the Pacific where violence was completely unknown. The natives all practiced pacificism, a religion whose beleif centered around the mythical spirit of the Pacific ocean. In time, Jack took to this religion, and in his few letters home, he endoresed it to all his fiends. They took cation regarding this, spreading it to everyone they knew.

Jack made a steady income using the seeneing skills he had learnt from the brethern. The island hospital couldn't afford an X-ray machine, so his ability was in much demand; often, he would be called out in the middle of the night. He attempted to lighten the load by breifing the nurses on seeneing, but he wasn't a good teacher.

His seeneing skills had another use, as Jack discovered one dark and windy night, for he was walking home when - despite it being completely invisible to normal people - Jack spotted a pair of abonmbinations, consoling each other about the abonmbinable crunch of consonants they had to put up with and the relative deprevation of vowels. Getting a flashback to his athiest days, he began to throw misshapen i's and e's at them.  He thought they would appreichiate it, but the i's and e's went straight through them, with no obvious effect. This, he later discovered, was partially due to their diet of termites, which naturally left their insides in termoil, and unwilling to accept stray vowels.

WikiSpellingConspiracy Sic
SeeAlso: Denji. Her efforts in this regard surpass even the dedication of the WikiSpellingConspiracy.

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