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[Jack Chick's Website]

American Christian cartoonist. Publishes a wide range of little tracts which use the medium of cartoons to spread his interpretation of the Christian message. This involves a lot of demons, devils, and castings-into-the-lake-of-fire.

Very very very funny.  Unintentionally.  I think that Christians prove how nice they are daily by not having him quietly killed just to stop them all looking bad.  --Vitenka
JackChick is in the same, er, esteemed group of Christians as the ChristianActionProject? (those film reviewers), in that every real-life Christian I've ever met is inclined to laugh (or cry) at them rather than agree with them. --AlexChurchill
He must have a decent number of fans though, or he wouldn't have the money to make so many tracts. I think it's mainly an American thing. -- Xarak
They are cheap, and other people print them out.  But yes, there are fans.  There are none so fanatical as the converted - and none so gullible either.  --Vitenka
... as the newly converted, yes.  With these tracts, you have to remember that, in America, everything actually is black and white... --M-A
And Jesus went into the Temple, and he saw the merchants and the money-changers and the sellers of pigeons, and he waxed wroth and overturned their stalls, saying "They have turned my Father's house into a place of buying and selling!" Badly misquoted, I know, but you get the idea. Ah! Found the reference. It's John 2, about v. 12 or so. But that is one thing that makes me angry rather than amused at his antics. --Requiem
To be fair, I don't get the impression he's in it for personal gain. -- Xarak
Really? Read the bit tacked on the bottom of all of his tracts - what's the biggest impression? edit - that's supposed to be being given, not that's actually received. 1. that Christianity is the way to salvation, or 2. that Chick's book is the way to salvation. Fully a quarter of that little bit about 'how to be saved' is taken up by an advert for his scrivenings. --Requiem
Uh, the biggest impression is: "My $deity - this man is hilariously insane.  And bigoted!"  --Vitenka
Oops. Grr at semantics. Bug in sentence fixed.
And yet, if it works... "Some proclaim Christ from envy and rivalry, but others from goodwill. These proclaim Christ out of love, knowing that I have been put here for the defense of the gospel; the others proclaim Christ out of selfish ambition, not sincerely but intending to increase my suffering in my imprisonment. What does it matter? Just this, that Christ is proclaimed in every way, whether out of false motives or true." - Philippians 1:15-18. Not saying I necessarily agree with what he's doing, and the few I've looked at are cringeworthily bad (especially portrayal of non-believers) - but he does seem to have some success at converting people. So it can't be all bad. --CH
Surely that depends on whether he's actually converting people to a true belief? -- Senji
Also, you have to consider the people who get a negative impression of Christianity from his tracts. -- Xarak
Yess, he may unwittingly be doing Good.  But only if he stops handing them out to GullibleAmericans? :)  --Vitenka
I've always read the passage as "A rose is still a rose even if it grows in mud - but that doesn't make the mud less muddy". But that's probably because I've heard one too many preachers on the matter of theological mud. --Requiem
Yes, the mud is still muddy. But then, we were interested in the rose rather than the mud, weren't we?
What sort of a rose could a brown, sticky substance like [this] produce, is my worry. -- Xarak
The fouler-smelling the muck I put on the flower beds back home, the better the flowers grow. :sanctimonious look: Besides - he's forgiven for his muck, as long as he repents. That's the whole point.
But I like muck! --Edith
You wouldn't like this muck. It's made with holy water, and burns the skin something horrid...

I wonder if any of you found the cartoon linking the Catholics, the Communists and the Nazis in one huge demonic pact to kill the Jews!--King DJ
Possibly. Is that the one with the quote "God has CURSED England! She is finished as a major power... because she crossed the Jews!"?
[Here] it is.. ..I was looking for one to see his stance on Judaism, and was rather suprised to say the least with what I found.
(PeterTaylor) His grasp on geography and politics seems to be somewhat poor. He's missing bits of the British Empire, he confuses Britain with England, and he thinks the US is a puppet of the UN.
Does anyone else see a nice bit of reverse psychology? The subtext of that text to anyone who's not part of Crick's little cult (I refuse to call them a denomination), is anti-Semitic. The tract is repulsive, and by extension its author and his 'followers', who identify with the Jews... Or am I merely going on too much Caffeine and not enough Sleep? --Requiem

Oooh.  You know, he really is from [The 12th Century].  Some actual redeeming features.  Though I find it incredibly amusing that he has the sheer gall to say that other peoples Christianity is ...
That's one of the many tracts where he puts words in God's mouth. Also, on a Biblical point, Chick says that no man can forgive sins, but, well, [look here] . -- Xarak

Your Christianity is weak!  And obsolete!
I can see there being a good opportunity for JackChick TopTrumps.
TopTracts? -- Senji

Wow.  some of his tracts directly contradict each other (no big surprise there) and others are [Well.. just wow].  Are there any 'ists' that this guy is not?  --Vitenka
"Atheist", that's about all. -- Xarak
(PeterTaylor) Just guessing, but evolutionist?
Oh, he surely is that.  --Vitenka

Is there a CategoryDangerouslyStupid? yet or is that too nasty? - SunKitten
How about going for the jugular and just putting the page in Evil?  --Vitenka
Yes, I like that category - SunKitten
See also [Cthulhu Chick] --DR
Wow! That's cool. CUWoCS need to be told! --Requiem
CUWoCS were going to distribute it outside the Promise talks but failed due to being lazy/worried about the legalities. --Edith
Very much lazy. - tjm
I bow down before whoever drew that. -- Xarak
Howard Hallis apparently [This] is the original page --Edith

[Tract placing contest] Having read previous years' winners I'm sure we can come up with something better. Edith hopes to hand out [Dark Dungeons] at CURS events. Paleo lecture course notes can find [In the begining... soup?] or maybe [Apes, Lies and Ms. Henn] or [Big Daddy] or CUWoCS meetings with [Boo] or or or... well you get the idea.

[Chick Doujinshi]


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