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TaxIt : the game of transport network economics

A new BoardGame being developed by AlexChurchill and DouglasReay

Feudalism is near to ending, and railways are just being introduced into the Kingdom of Erehwon.  Can your noble house survive the instability of these boom years?  Your right to collect taxes on goods passing through your holdings extends only as far as the influence of your cities, and merchants are fickle, bowing to whoever is strongest locally.  It is time to build up those cities, and start some new ones; but that's going to cost money, and it looks like you'll have to dirty your hands with trade, even bidding to delivers good to the cities of others at competitive prices.  Perhaps what you really need is a new trade route that avoids the greediest of those who'd leach off your profits, but digging canals and building rail track costs money too.  It's time to raise taxes!

Back of Box info

Number of players : ???
Playing time : ???
Genre : ???

[/Foo? A link to the most current rules snapshot]

[/Rules? A list of all versions of the rules, as they've developed]

[/Playtests Feedback from playtest sessions, and other user input and ideas]

[/Design Area for ongoing discussion between Alex and Douglas]


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