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Kaoru no Kimi and (???) from BrotherDearBrother are probably the only entrants to this category I can think of.

Possibly also Oscar from Rose of Versaille, but that would be sort of missing the point.

A couple of people seem to be suggesting PhoenixFeathers/Peri belongs here but I can't see that myself. --Kazuhiko

One character that comes to mind would have to be Mari form the Project A-KO series. --Tsunami
And while I am thinking about Project A-Ko, Spy D is also female, but you couldn't tell initially --Tsunami

[Secret Garden] (and I'll let you guess which of the two I'm talking about).  See [here] for an explanation (of sorts).  Unfortunatly the translation hasn't even got far enough to introduce the character in question yet... --Kazuhiko
I would hope you're talking about the one on the left - but I'd be much more inclined to agree with ThatCannotBeHuman? for the one on the right, who looks rather Neanderthal. [Reads link] Ah. I see.

CategoryAnime (so far), CategoryDenial?

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