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Image: 59

Name: Peri

Course: Theology

Species: Faerie

Blood Group: N/A

Likes: Bubbles

It was her computer which was possessed by [the bug], despite the fact that we only [see the bug] near /Yozhik's computer.  /Rin found out [[here] that it was her computer which defeated the bug, at the same time as she discovered her subject, College and library number.

Oh, and we never saw much explanation for why she was [guarded when shopping in London] by two [surly blokes with big swords] who [didn't want to leave her on her own]...  Does every faerie have bodyguards like this?

Since, somehow, it hasn't managed to percolate up to this page.  Allow me to express the astonishment which seems common at the 'her' in the above.  ThatCannotBe(Fe)Male.  --Vitenka
/Peri is obviously female! -- Senji
At /Peri?? She is so female! t03, for example. .../Kurai being female I can see, but /Peri being male...??  --AC (heh, simultaneously with the above)
I'm going to have to agree with Vitenka here (erm, am I allowed to do that? Don't think it's every happened before); /Peri never strikes me as being particularly feminine; certainly not by comparison with /Megaera or /Sylvai. --SF
Not feminine, perhaps, but quite obviously female. There are, at least in most drawings of her, certain features that can't really be construed otherwise. --CH

She's really good at containment spells - when /Yozhik asks her to help out while he summons sshd (a minor daemon), she easily rustles up a containment (Peri-"That's A-level Theology!") of a level "normally only required for major summonings"-Rin, and capable of containing a "massively powerful thaumic surge...  well over the minimum limit for a Greater Summoning"-Rin.

Apparently, "Peri" does in fact mean "fairy" ([wikipedia]). I never knew - SunKitten
I did! I thought you were being all deliberate and subtle. It's not commonly known, I'll grant you - I only know because of [Iolanthe]. --CH
The person upon whom Peri is based demanded that her character be called 'purple'. I thought this was a silly name and altered it slightly, spurred by the vague recollection of the name of a Dr Who sidekick. That's all - wow, that's a better coincidence than 'Miriam' meaning 'strong-minded' :) - SunKitten

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