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The City and the Stars
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This was the campaign that inspired Candle. Originally, it had the same plot. Also, rather confusingly, it had a character named Takashi (a Solar Night caste). Apologies for lack of originality in plot and setting - this was my first sortie into Exalted storytelling. Names, places and people bear little resemblance to those in Candle, and it's all somewhat less complicated. --Requiem
Thanks for sorting out the page.  I'm really not good at this.  --FR
BTW, any comments you might have welcome here.  --FR

Also the first part of a rather good two-parter by Arthur C. Clarke (ISBN 1857987632 )
Two-parter? What's the name of the other part? --Admiral
Beyond the Fall of Night. ISBN 0441056121 , for instance. Cowritten with Gregory Benford, allegedly, although he may have written it in its entirety and got Arthur C Clarke to sign in for all I know. There's also "Against the Fall of Night", the short story that The City and The Stars is a later expansion of - IIRC, it may have been the other way around. One of them fits better with the sequel plotwise than the other (the other has a few glaring plotholes - the robot gets destroyed in one of them in the process of having its mind read, for instance, but reappears in the sequel; one of them describes people in Diaspar as occasionally having children, the other goes into a diatribe on infertility and how they're slowly dying out, and the sequel takes up the latter version), but I don't remember which way round it is, unfortunately - it's been years since I read either. I remember preferring the version where the inhabitants of Diaspar are genetically the same as those of Lys, rather than the one with the essay on genetic engineering and why the inhabitants of Disapar lack bellybuttons. - MoonShadow
Oo! Didn't know that! Will go looking for book. --Requiem

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