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"But, but, but... Are you trying to /Cheat or something?"

"Not at all. Why do you ask?"

"But... That's a /Butterfly. Those /Cards have been /Banned ever since the new /Regulations!"


"Didn't you hear the /Dean?'s /Announcement? Here... I'm sure the /StoreKeeper has a copy. Why not ask him if you can have a read?"

"Erm... yeah, sure..."


It was a very unfriendly move. The smarmy smile on his opponent's face alerted him to the possiblity of mischief. While not technically disallowed, use of the /Butterfly cards was reknowned throughout the game of /Gesthalt?.

"Are... you sure you want to make that move?" Go on. You can turn back now. This is your last warning, though.

His /Opponent?'s smile faltered, then deepened again. "Quite sure, thank you."

He took a breath, then pulled a sheaf of paper out of his bag. Mentally thanking his friend, he said, "Under Rule 502.9d, I accuse you of cheating in the /SilverWolf? subgame. The subgame is immediately terminated, and I receive a 10 card bonus in the maingame. In addition, your silver wolf is destroyed, for facilitating the situation. End of your turn?"

The smile froze, then bacame a look filled with rage and regret. "Damn you! Those /Rules? aren't meant to have been released yet? How does someone like you know about them??"

A new smile, full of secrets, appeared. "Yes... that would be a good /Question? to ask, wouldn't it?"

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