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Page for discussion/questions/whatever about the [ToothyShop] (the shop that bites! :)

AlexChurchill never got a Rin "Compile, Link, Exe" T-shirt, and would like to correct this. It looks from the ToothyShop page like all I have to do is tell you and give you money.  And there's no mentioned concept of combining orders with others apart from the design needing 1.5 transfers. Is this all accurate?
Yes, but the T-shirt will almost certainly be done after Minamicon - sorry - SunKitten
No problem --AC
Hmm, good point, neither did I... -- Senji
Send me email specifying what you want ('A 'compile-link-exe' t-shirt' means a black T-shirt with the picture of Rin on the back accompanied by the text and a toothycat logo in grey on the front. There are medium and large sizes, I think, no difference in price). Hmmm... then according to the page, I confirm what you want and wait for your money. Sounds good to me. T-shirts requests submitted now will be dealt with after the con, but normally would be done within a week. Assuming we can find the black T-shirts we bought a year ago... - SunKitten

CategoryWeb, I suppose. Anything else?

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