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A VisualNovel that it's author, TsundereLightning, has always described as "A charming tale of Boy Is Girl, Meets Boy."

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...courtesy of Deji, who will also be doing the sprites, while I do the backgrounds and CG's (Collectible Graphics?).

You are Talia Andrew Black, born Timothy Andrew Black, a transgender (not TransSexual, as she isn't yet in hormone therapy) girl.

Talia has a serious crush on Ethan Sinclair, her Dungeon Master at the weekly DungeonsAndDragons RolePlayingGame (apparently set in the world of ElvenRelations, just as a shout out to AlexChurchill) and an all around cool guy. 

(In case anyone's interested in the rules, they're playing DungeonsAndDragons Fourth Edition.)

With the help of Isabel Grist (the only person on campus she's come out to, and who harbors PSL - I mean, has romantic feelings for - Talia), can you help Talia find her one true love?

The second draft of the script will be completed and uploaded by Thursday and will then be posted in [this thread].  I'd appreciate people downloading and commenting on it either there or on this page.  Ignore any typos that don't snap you out of the story for these purposes - what I'm interested in is how tight and crisp the story and characterization is, especially compared with 0.1.0 and 0.1.1.

There are seven endings, including a secret true ending.

I'd like to point out at this juncture that it's definetly not a hentai peice.  There's some sex offscreen in some of the endings, but I'm not going into the mechanics how Talia gets to IntimacyV with anyone, although I have thought about it and have a good explanation if anyone wants it.

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