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In ElliottBelser's Idiolect, a synonym for Sass.

...or to be less obtuse, for having sex with someone.

Pronouced "Intimacy Five," not "Intimacy Vee."
Like 'Code V infection'. But you know what we mean.

From the WonderfullyHorrifying? rules for GiantMecha? PsychicCombat? in the BlissStageverse, which converts the Trust stat of a relationship used as an ANIMa component into HitPoints?, and the Intimacy stat of same into combat dice.

You need to have done the following, at minimum, to be able to have a certian Intimacy score with a given person:

Intimacy 1 - Names and Eyes - Know thier name - or - Know thier face.

Intimacy 2 - Hands and Mouths - Talk with each other - or - Work towards the same goal - or - Eat together.

Intimacy 3 - Touch and Mess - Show physical affection - or - Argue - or - Prepare food for - or - get drunk/stoned with
...or play games about sex-powered giant robots with.
Technically, wouldn't that be arguing anyway? --ElliottBelser, who has no orange juice to snort out of his nose

Intimacy 4 - Blood and Spit - Physically fight with serious intent to harm - or - Kiss - or - Grope - or - See or bee seen naked.

Intimacy 5 - Sex - Have sex.

Keep in mind that these are minimum guidelines.  The player character Keenan Caine (from the introductory scenario in the rulebook) has had sex with, according to the fluff, at least 3 of the girls in the one-shot.  He does not have IntimacyV with any of them.  In fact, his best relationship is an Intimacy 4/Trust? 1-Stress 1 romance with Sara Smith, designated loli and moe girl.  IMHO, Another example of BlissStage being WonderfullyHorrifying?.

Note also that you get a free point if you're a blood relation of the person in question and CANNOT raise it above 5 (4, plus the bonus),  as even BenLehman? isn't THAT sick.  Corrected because SoylentWhite is better at grammar than I am - ElliottBelser, now using BrainBleach

Also demonstrated quite nicely with the following exchange between ElliottBelser and his friend Andrea, one of the infamously Hentai AdvancedCulinary trainees from TreasureIslandJobCorps, regarding two instructors who are very ...close... friends.

ElliottBelser: "So that would put them at what, Intimacy 4?"

Andrea: "At least.  Could be higher."

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