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A person who feels for whatever reason that their gender does not match their assigned sex at birth.
PropellerHeadsAreGo!  What you're describing is being TransGender?. --ElliottBelser

There is much speculation about why people are transgendered, but it is generally conceived to be something innate within a person rather than a reaction to outside stimuli.
I forget where I heard this, and my GoogleFu is weak, but there's evidence suggesting that the biochemistry of a transgender individuals brain is likely to match thier Gender, rather than thier sex.  I find this very interesting.  Talia Andrew Black does in fact have 'A girl's mind,' as she asserts.  'And a girl's heart' is just her being poetic. -ElliottBelser

Many transgendered individuals will have gender reasignment surgery to "correct" their gender.
Which is actually the working definition of TransSexual.  Whether or not just taking HormoneTherapy? alone counts or if only a sexual reassignment operation marks you as TransSexual is contentious at best.  I'll just say from the experience of my friends that 'androgen blockers,' chemicals designed to prevent testosterone from affecting the body, is sometimes enough on its own to dramatically reshape a MaleToFemale? TransSexual's body into something delightfully squishy without the need for estrogen and progesterone treatments.  Mmm... boobs. -ElliottBelser
And they are already, by definition, of the correct 'Gender.' 'Gender' is the social construct of being male or female, not the physical state of being so.  The physical state of being male or female is your (physical) sex.  Talia is of the female Gender.  She is of the male sex.  This is a very depressing state for Talia to be in. --ElliottBelser

Inside of this, can we include those born with both genders expressed - which doctors have often historically 'corrected' at birth?  --Vitenka
I don't think so - that's a different issue, and a chromosomal and physical one at that. The transgender feeling may well have something to do with chromosomes or physical reality, but we don't know much about it yet. Although doctors 'correcting' a double-gendered child may well cause transgender feelings, I suppose, if they guessed wrong (and it is usually a guess :/ ) - SunKitten
I thought they just always chose female due to the relative ease of the respective surgeries.  --Vitenka
I came across at least one case where they picked male first (changed their minds later) - in a trashy women's mag, naturally - SunKitten (great reading in clinic waiting rooms ;)

Are there not enough hermaphrodites to get their own community?  --Vitenka (Content warning, do not ask Google that question.  MyEyes?!  TheyBurn?!)

People born Intersexed (I believe this to be the currently most PC term) have generally been accepted both as part of the TransCommunity and as a separate group by themselves as far as I know. Mainly because gender dysphoria (as it is apparently medically known) is a common link with both conditions. ("I" = ???)
Yes, that's correct.  This also leads to rediculously PoliticallyCorrect and unweildy long names for gay community centers.  GLBTIQ - 'Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersexed, and Questioning' is depressingly common.  Some centers add 'Allies' as well, (GLBTIQA) ...which is the point at which I start mentally adding OMG, WTF, BBQ to the acronym. --ElliottBelser

SocialMatters; see also Sexuality, TransCommunity

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