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Does anyone have this available to lend? --Pallando

Summed up fairly well by this description from HaremAnime:

Tenchi gets attacked by demon-girl Ryoko, requested to marry Princess Ayeka, investigated by space detective Mihoshi, adopted as an older brother by Sasami, experimented on by super-genius Washu and forced to feed the cat/rabbit RyoOhki. All these females end up living with him.

Everyone knows which one he is going to end up with...  The fact that the person you know he is going to end up with might not be the same as the one I know he is going to end up with is irrelevant... - Kazuhiko
Hang on - RyoOhki counts as one of the harem?  That's just creepy.

Turns out to be the lost prince of another world, the legendary sword bearer, fated by the red cord of destiny to marry someone who turns out to be the host for the SuperVillainess? that fights PrettySammy?, trains with his grandfather lives in a time travelling shrine that may be descended from a time travelling tree and has to feed the logs.

*blink* WhenWhereHowWhatWhich??  I thought the only show with PrettySami? in it was PrettySami?, in which Tenchi is her dad...  Which show was the above from?  Or is it a personal hallucination? - Kazuhiko
So technically he's not all those things *at once*  ;)
Having said that - I think PrettySami? is referenced in one of the main Tenchi's, at least once.  I wonder if we ARE going to be due a Tenchi that attempts to put a SingleContinuity? onto EverythingThatHasGoneBefore? - or whether that's been left as AnExcerciseForAMV?.
To say that would be impossible is probably understating the problem...
Nah.  Paralel universes are a common standard for ContinuityCorrection.  Besides, the seires ALREADY has the whole 'reincarnation of a great hero' thing going on - so you could have some episodes happenning with his forebear.  The Sammi stuff can be gotten rid of partially through 'it was all a dream' - or possibly by having it all be real, but unseeable by those not involved (ala XTv kekai) and the 'my dad' bit could be skillfully interspersed as sammi's fevered/wishful imaginings.

AlexChurchill's favourite quote of the series: by Washu to Tenchi.
"Hello. My name is Washu. I like you. Will you be my guinea pig?"

Like it.  I think the whole show works much better as five minute blocks - since that's about the length of time between groan inducing scenes.

There are many TenchiMuyo series:

OVA1: Where he fights Zabatsu (sp.?) 6 eps and a special. (Washu joins at the end of this OVA, IIRC).
OVA2: Where he fights Dr Clay. 6 eps
OVA3: Dunno.  The first episode came out in Japan in Sept 2003.

OVA series 1 & 2 are collectively called 'No Need For Tenchi' in the English release.  The proper Japanese name is Tenchi Muyo! Ryo Ohki: 天地無用! 魎皇鬼

Tenchi TV: A TV series.  Has at least one Pretty Sammy episode in it, as mentioned above.  Called 'Tenchi Universe' in the English release.
Some movies:  Which are mostly in the TV series continuity.
Shin Tenchi Muyo: Called 'Tenchi in Tokyo' in the English release.  Completely new continuity, Tenchi goes to university in Tokyo.
Tenchi GXP: Tenchi Muyo Galaxy Police.  TV series, but in OVA continuity sidestory about a young GXP officer.
Magical Girl Pretty Sammy: Called 'Magical Project S' in the English release.  Another new continuity.  A bit weird, but I thought it was fun.

So the big question is:  HAS ANYONE SEEN OVA3 YET!! And does it suck?

Seen the first four parts of OAV3, and so far it sucks. --Tsunami


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