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Available only internally to the .cam.ac.uk domain (and possibly via EvilChiark?) - this is the NewsGroup news:ucam.societies.curs.game

Well, I (OP=Vitenka) used to be the FAQ maintainer for this group, so I oughta explain what it was.

What it was, was, very breifly, the highest traffic group in the entire ucam. heirachy.  Yup, we outposted even chat for a short time.

Sadly, it never really attained any kind of mass appeal or momentum, and tends to die out whenever the current batch of players go home for the summer.

What is it?  Well, it's a NewsGroup.  In which RolePlaying occured.

RolePlaying/FreeStyle?, no system, CollaborativeFiction? type stuff.

People were encouraged to bring any character they liked, be it new or from a campaign, into this alternate dimension and create of it what they would.

The place started out as a formless void, and, well, developed into a random attempt to break down some castles.

We had everything.  Discussions on the TheoryOfMagic? and how it inter-related with LightSabers;  PowerGaming?;  TimeLoop?s... and MookFight?s, plenty of MookFight?s.

HOW we managed to have some of these, given the format, is a question best asked the perpetrators.

One thing we did have was threads which were declared to have happenned 'after this event has finished' - so that we could, you know, get on with stuff whilst another poster was absent.  Of course, someone would then deliberately kill someone off in a prior thread in order to mess stuff up...

It all got very strange.  And fun.

Our volume counted against us though - it led to at least two people I know of staying away simply because they couldn't break in, or cope with the vast amounts of stuff being churned out.

It also, at one point, caused the NewsServer? to refuse to archive even a single days messages.

I wonder if I have the FAQ and my dragon archived anywhere?

CategoryGames RolePlaying CategoryComputing; see also CURS

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