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MaintainMe: LightSabre?
No, the OP was correct; or at least, that is the spelling in every StarWars novel StuartFraser has read (they having all been written by Americans, after all. It may be worth pointing out that the dominant language in the Star Wars galaxy is "Basic", which bears a marked similarity to American.)
No, no, no, it's all translated, you know.... -- Senji

No, the word is a composite of two previously-existing words. Thus, it should be spelt according to the pre-existing spelling. Hence in American it's LightSaber, and in English it's LightSabre?. And in at least one of the Star Wars novels (the original EmpireStrikesBack?, I think), it's referred to as a 'laser sword.' Not that that's very relevant.. - SunKitten
Can't we all just get along and use the same language? -ColinLeung

Sure, as long as it's English that we all use and not American. In fact, I do believe that making everything the same language was in fact the OP's exact intention.. ;) - MoonShadow
Well, their differences are subtle. I'm sure if you're not a native of either country it doesn't even matter.
However, this wiki and its owners are native to the UK :P - MoonShadow
Note to self: must not speak native tongue whilst on toothywiki. :) --Nataku
Hey, you've got an excuse :) Heck, I've got pages here with Russian on them.. ;) - MoonShadow
Can I be excused since I learned my "English" from TheSimpsons?? -ColinLeung
Sure, so long as we can keep going around correcting spelling without being picked on like above for it ;) I'm sure we've had *that* discussion before somewhere.. - MoonShadow''

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