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A dangerous place to which I've never ventured (being a MathMo).

Some consider it necessary to wear PhoenixFeathers/TraditionalBattleGear when going inside.

An ominous obelisk looms on the sky line of my first year room. Always thought it could be some dark temple for some stranger religion. Well, it turned out to be just a big library. -ColinLeung
There are people who will tell you that the Dark Tower of Barad-Dur drew its inspiration from the UniversityLibrary (Tolkien was an Oxfnord professor, after all).

Although it is rumoured that there is an exit to [L-Space] at the top of the tower, which is why they sealed it off.

The rumour I made up .. I mean, heard, was that the sphere (from the rather naff film 'sphere') was kept in there.  I've never been able to shake my belief about that since.

I heard that the top was sealed off because that's where they keep the pornography from the copyright register part of the library.
No, that's the basement. Or so I hear


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