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MaintainMeMoonShadow - is there an easy way I can append .doc files?  If not, ToDo: Upload them to local webspace when I get a working PenDrive? and get them home, and then link them from here.
Eh? You want ToothyWikizens to be able to upload files in a proprietory format not intended for web publication, that may contain executable code and has in the past repeatedly been used as a malware vector, to the wiki? I point and laugh!! No. - MoonShadow
Heh - no, I want it to autoconvert them ;)  I'm stuck with 'em in their current format for now.  --Vitenka
Hm. An interesting possibility. Do you know of a tool that will do that without sucking? - MoonShadow
Nope.  Word certainly can't do it.  I'll throw it at OpenOffice when I get the chance, that usually does a pretty good job.  --Vitenka

Episode Zero


Operation Clock-Maker

Much problems waiting for people to turn up.  HerdingCats? really does apply - one turned up, then left to go eat - at which point another turned up...

I am semi-promised more players next week.  This week we ran with three, which is acceptable.

This was a session to get the players up and running with the system and happy with the the setting.  The players seem happy to run it more realistic and less cinematic - but then, we haven't had a combat yet.

Players chose their pregens (Bruce (technician), Spock (sniper) and 'Face') and read their mission breifing.
Go to the refugee camp, acquire information and "make sure scientist is 'safe'"

At this point I'm rushing things horribly to try and get the session over with.  They meet up with Sidra far more easily than expected and she promises to bring Grandfather.
But he's spooked and run off to trade knowledge for amnesty with the troops at the border post.
The players make a few different plans there, and then decide to churn up some unrest (and get a heck of a lot of civilians to demand a border crossing) and sneak around.  They get spotted, and decide that 'face' should pretend to be a civilian and get captured.

At this point we get chucked out.

Mission Brief  (Maps to be appended, um, sometime.  Maybe)

IMR are seeking the inventor of a nuclear time-chip that is used in the Eberon constellation of sattelites.
Armed with this information, they will be able to calculate their orbits - and thus the systems blind-spots.

This scientist (Codename: Grandfather) has gone to ground.  He is a wanted man.  We believe that he is living in a refugee camp under an assumed name.

Make contact with him.  Get the information.  Keep him safe.

Tense diplomatic relations make an incursion strike by the native forces undesireable, and repurcussions likely.  Violence within the camp is likely to trigger a riot.

Contact 'GrandDaughter?' and 'GrandFather?' within area A and acquire package.
Ensure the situation is stable.
Rally and extract.

Map Overview:
Area A: A 'refugee' camp, which is half settlement and half internment.  Contact point.
Area B: A guard outpost and customs checkpoint.
Area E, S: Likely rally and extraction points.

Full radio and intelligence support is available.
Drop will be via jeep.  Use any approach desired.
Helicopter extraction is available.
Air support is available - but its use is an undesired escalation.

No other friendly ground units are involved.

Enemy air has an estimated response time of ten minutes.
Enemy ground forces at Area A are estimated to be a police force of fifty.
Enemy ground forces at Area B are estimated to be a police force of two hundred.  Confirmed presence of two tanks.

CodeName?: GrandDaughter?
Name in place: Sidra Beau

GrandDaughter? is our direct contact on-site.  She has limited access to higher-command.  Our understanding is that she is a go-between, used by both sides as a deniable link.
However, she has firm support for her people, due to personal loss incurred during the early stages of the conflict.
She has limited weapons training, however she is a skilled negotiator.

Lower quality information:
There are some unconfirmed reports that she has tighter ties to the command structure of the resistence movement.
Mild arachnaphobia is indicated.

CodeName?: GrandFather?
Name in place: Candan Timu

GrandFather? is currently in hiding, wanted by the authorities.  He has a history of bomb-making.  He also has demonstrated the ability to construct dragon-relay devices.
Originally a supporter of the authorities in this region, he later demonstrated for tolerance.  After six years in jail, he was released to work in exile.
Tends to keep himself isolated, contacting only a very few trusted confidants.

Lower quality information:
Grandfather seems to have changed from a pattern of arbitary support, to one of repeated support for a few groups.  It is possible that he is withdrawing from active support.
It is believed that his early training is due to US intelligence contact.

Players, keep out


The resolution to the session should involve combat.

Then we do character creation and the paintball dry-run.  Which means I have to expand the jellyfish test-run back into a full session.


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