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Mountainous principality of the UnitedKingdom, and home of many Sheep, NarrowGaugeRailways and former CoalMines?, and much Rain?.  Its capital is Cardiff? and its second city is Swansea?, other notable towns/cities being Newport?, Bangor?, Wrexham? and Aberystwyth.  One of the bits of the UK that gets annoyed when people say "England" when they mean the UK, it has a rivalry with England that culminates when the two regions play Rugby?, the most popular sport there.
Conquered decades ago, and no one has quite worked out how to politely give it back.  Also insists on maintining an poetic and lovely sounding but quite quite mad language.  --Vitenka
As quater Welsh I feel duty bound to defend the country.  The language is not nearly as mad as English.  The reason they get annoyed about the English thing as they see themselves as beeing more British than the majority of English people.  Also, there are quite a lot of former GoldMines?, which were the only reason why the Romans were interested in the place (this being before they were former, before some pedant points that slight error out.)  --FR
Fair enough.  I've lived in Wales most of my life, and I have a soft spot for the place (hence my reification of the link in the first place).  Having been forced to learn Welsh for most of my childhood has left me in a bizarre love-hate relationship with the language, although what I most dislike is the way they taught it (they only really bother with the grammar when you get to GCSE level, which leaves you a little stranded in some ways). -- PaulPower
I was taught Latin in the same way.  Maybe that's why I got an E at A level...  --FR


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