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Schedule: Basically weekly.  Promises three times a week, usually makes twice - but one is invariably filler.


Haven't read it for a while, but it was about a bunch of sex-crazed lesbian spaceship pilots with paperthin characters who keep forgetting to zip up their flight suits. Apparantly there's some plot that's acheap knock-off of Space: Above and Beyond but, aside from providing an excuse for why the squadron is composed of pretty girls (some variant of RatliffGas? that targets men and overweight women, I think), it doesn't impinge that much on events.
''There are two reasons.  First there was a disaster, then there was a long war and most of the men have already gone off to die in it.  It's a fairly major PlotPoint? of the series, though not an especially innovative one.  The 'pretty' part is, undoubtably, pure FanService.  --Vitenka

Mix of hand-drawn pencils for the characters and full-colour CGI for the spaceship scenes made it quite hard to read: peopel criticise the integration of art and CG in It's Walky! but that's Monet compared to this.

Famous for attempting to bribe readers into voting for the strip on those interminable 'Top fifty billion webcomics' lists by offering to draw a pin-up of one of the characters wearing few clothes for every months they were at the top.

Amazingly mnaged to do quite well on 'Top fifty billion webcomics' lists.

I suspect it hasn't improved since I last visited. I'm slightly surprised to find it's still going.

Heh.  Lucky ToothyWiki doesn't do the NeutralPointOfView? thing, isn't it?  Everything the OP (PlasmonPerson) says above is literally true, but...
The plot is actually going somewhere.  Yes, on one side we have CheeseCake? InSpace - but on the other we have a 'conflicts between the colonies' plot (no aliens).  Personally I quite like the CGI for the space battle scenes, though the transition is jarring.  The schedule has frequent breaks for filler images (yes, mostly CheeseCake?) and shots of the authors movie project.
The characters aren't quite paper thin - but they are following basic archetypes.  You've probably seen the story of the insecure leader, the brash unheeding second in command, the scared one who always does well a thousand times before.  Nevertheless, it's a good rendition.  And when it breaks out to jokes and movie references, it does so entertainingly.  --Vitenka

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