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General Protection Fault

Location: http://gpf-comics.com
Updates: Everyday
Actually Updates: Everyday
Rating: PG
Recommended by: Jumlian
Example Strip: [The start]  It gets better.

Started in 1998 and still going.  Centres (very loosely) around the GPF software company, with characters such as Fooker the sysadmin who has another job on the side (no spoilers here), the worryingly evil Trudy, Nick (through whose eyes things are usually viewed, as well as many others (Ki, Dexter, Trent, Fred the slime-mold (who evolved in Fooker's flat) etc.).  Start at the beginning is my advice as the comic has changed a lot over the years, and you'd probably be a bit lost without the current backplot.  It's only half the size of /SluggyFreelance though, so that's not too bad.  Starts with geek humour which gets tuned down more as you go along.

Pretty cool.  It was odd though: All the office stuff and people/character stuff I really liked, but every time it tried to get a serious storyline, I started getting bored...  Ah well, overall it was certainly fun to read. --Kazuhiko (five years back-comics in two days... not bad...)
Agreed - it used to be one of my 'read religiously' comics.  Now ... it isn't.

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