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Sluggy Freelance

Location: http://www.sluggy.com
Updates: Daily (Saturdays are fillers, unconnected to the main comic).
Actually Updates: Mostly on schedule, but with some unplanned absences and quite a few filler weeks (which are sometimes better than the actual comic; for example, [John Allison's guest week]).
Rating: PG
Archives: Whooooooo boy. Set aside a couple of weeks. If you read it at work it could take months. However, certain of the sagas work better when read in a lump, so you will probably get a better experience than those of us who followed it as it went.
Disagree. It took PeterTaylor three evenings after work until 03:00 to read all the archives.
Recommended by: Angoel, M-A
Example Strip: [From the Saturday Dimension of Pain series] - CategoryAwfulPun
Are you going to eat the rest of your clothes?

The original big web comic, and probably still the biggest, Sluggy has always balanced humour, character and plot, though sometimes this has worked better than others. Pete Abrams, the cartoonist, has a tendency to get stuck in story arcs which (even at a comic every day) drag on longer than might be ideal. Recently Abrams has become more experimental, leading to things like the Fire and Rain saga which was not to everyone's taste (although I liked it).

The comic that started me on WebComics.  I even have the T-Shirt.  Sadly, I am now bored of it.  --Vitenka

Recently got funny again. Who knows how long it will last, so make the most of it.

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