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Location: http://go-girly.com/
Updates: 3/week
Actual updates: allow some leeway for experimentation by artist
Rating: Definitely 15, possibly 18
Recomended by: FlameRider, MoonShadow
Example Comic: ["Two characters who clearly have a thing for each other"]; ["McDonalds"]; [not typical, but funny]

So maybe I am a complete freak and a pervert, but I happen to find this one really endearing.  Yes it's about lesbians, and there are a lot of sexual references and pretty tasteless potty humour.  On the other hand, some of it is hilarious, and the relationships are portrayed in a pretty genuine way.  I think it's worth reading, another good one from Keenspot (see Sinfest, El Goonish Shive, Dominic Deegan, CRFH and others).

Hate to admit it, but this was cute :)  The cat wins out... (happy smiling fireball-neko!)  Very WAFFY and not really particularly explicit --K
Yes, very cute :) The main character "Girly" herself is very cool - she reminds me of Tristan Stallings from /AngelMoxie. In fact the whole thing is like /AngelMoxie with romance. FlameRider's description above is excessively harsh: apart from the thankfully brief visit to the town of Cheapgag, I didn't see anything tasteless, but lots of funny bits and lots of sweet characterisation. --AlexChurchill

Harshness due to wishing to seem objective.  Sorry.  --FR

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