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ComicCon? SanFrancisco?.

Comics convention.  Also anime, masquerade, games etc.

Let's see now.
There were lots of panel activities, including a horribly horribly over subscribed talk about FireFly?.  KevinSmith?.

I was only there for half a day, so this is far from complete.

There was a tutorial on costume making.  The poreview of TheHitchhikersGuideToTheGalaxy.  JossWhedon? showed off the Firefly movie with teasing evil.  ADV showed off a lot of stuff we've already seen - PrincessTutu is in translation and my brain hurts for the reason why.  The FantasticFour? film wasn't recieved badly, nor particularly enthusiastically.  HouseOfWax? looks dire.  We got to see the new trailer for StarWarsEpisodeThree? - it wasn't great and they refused to give any more spoilers.  (Though, to be fair, it'd be hard to give any without showing the whole film, with the number that have leaked.)  I missed the "Oddball comics" talk :(  Then we had the masquerade - and I went home instead of watching the StarWars FanFilm? collection, reasoning I could see them on TheForce?.net if I cared (which I haven't done, so I guess I don't.)

The masquerade.
Most prizes were won by a random monster in the shape of some kind of shellfish.  Not sure why.
There was an incredibly cute "my mom made this" little girl dancing "sparkle rainbow princess" which was just sweet.
Spidermans venom came on in a very bad costume - and won a "boggle the judges" prize by proceeding to tapdance.
A convincing alien and predator got some form of prize.
Best set piece was won by a routine taking the mick out of the FifthElement? - in this case "The life giving Tutti-Frutti."
And there was a convincing StarGate? anubis in armour - who took off his golden mask to reveal a second wolfs-head mask.  He won something too.
There were others, I don't recall them.  (There was a robot, some StarWars, a centurion, oh - and a TRULY bad pun with "the littlest singing ork" singing "My eye" (My Guy) in front of a poster of Saurons eye.)
"Howl and Bird-Howl" (of HowlsMovingCastle) won the anime prize, primarily by being the only anime entry; and because howl is supposed to look hot.

Dealers room:
Lots and lots of gold and silver age junk.  Much (nay, VAST QUANTITIES) of action figures and other tat.  A couple of anime displays.
Almost tempted by plushy chibi InuYasha characters.  (Sesshiroamusama {sp} with a giant head seemed fitting - the rest were just cute.)  Even more almost tempted by the "emergency food supply"  (Menchi doll in a frying pan)
I played some Munchkin? (not a terrible game, but not worth playing) and ate some food.
Then, on to the comics.

The only 'name' dealer I spoke to was PhilFoglio?, who is, basically, SantaClaus?.  Fat and Jolly and with a sack full of presents.  Sadly, he takes cash instead of cookies.

Annoyingly, I saw the WebComics/SomethingPositive comic, and didn't get it (and it was gone on later inspection)

I got one from aliententacles.com - a polemic on the American mental health system.  Horrifying as expected, but not terribly well constructed and did not even attempt balance.

I then picked up all of LittleBatKoku? for no easily defined reason, except that it was cheap and I enjoy funding hobbyists when I can.  Very deliberately 'manga' style, but not quite there yet.  Very cliched plot, but makes jokes about itself.

Missed all the people I was supposed to meet up with.  Went home.  --Vitenka


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