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BNF: Xarak/CharacterGenerator

To just generate a concept, you can use BNF: Xarak/CharacterConceptGenerator

This generates a basic character concept for Exalted. Hopefully the random aspect will produce some original ideas that you could use to develop a character around.
Added more options, including the ability to be a demon, spirit or ghost, and changed the balance somewhat; you're now more likely to be a DB Dynast. Also planning to add a name generator. -- Xarak

I rolled up an interesting random assortment, so I thought I'd make a character summary based on it, because I've got nothing else to do right now.../GreenSkyKiss

Ronin Sidereals - yeah. There are three that exist in Creation. Amyra is one. It's not a common thing for a storyteller to allow. Oh, and - nice generator. I like. --Requiem
True, but I thought a Beureau Sidereal who was a "nihilist motivated only by money" or something would be kicked out long ago. Thanks btw. -- Xarak
Let's see, what egregious Sidereals have I seen outside of silly interludes? :thinks: Airheaded hedonist, paranoid conspirator looking for a conspiracy, suicidal sociopath, sadistic disease enthusiast, man whose only pleasure is hitting things with sticks... I reckon that pretty well all the personalities you've written fit in the Bureau. Just because in Candle, the Sidereals were very good at hiding their sociopathic tendencies doesn't mean that they're all paragons of virtue. And you have to be very, very, very lucky (and possibly have powerful backing) in order to avoid being recruited by the Bureau. --Requiem
I presume the non-obvious one is Syrtis' Sifu? And I don't know whether to be proud or slightly ashamed that my character missed that list. --CH
Yeah, Tirtel is the evil one. Syrtis is being a rebel by being nice to people. I realised he was actually better at martial arts than his position required, so I had to explain it somehow... --Requiem
Point taken. Syrtis wasn't kicked out when he went all gothy...so you can now roll up a Bureau sidereal. -- Xarak

Xarak - assuming I get some RoundTuits, would you mind if I adjusted this to make sure that the Exalt's chosen weapon was consistent with the martial skills generated, when it's used? At the moment it's possible to (say) get someone who wields a seven-section staff with no Martial Arts. --CH
Sure, go ahead! -- Xarak

 bnf ::= CharDes?
CharDes? ::= Your character is a male typeofcharacter . He has color eyes, color hair, and skincolor skin . He usually dresses in color clothes . He originates from location . Around people he is socialattitude . He acts and fights acttype . He is often described as a philosophy motivated motiv . He malelifestyle . He fights with his weapon . He interestingfact . He hobby . | Your character is a female typeofcharacter . She has color eyes, color hair, and skincolor skin . She usually dresses in color clothes . She originates from location . Around people she is socialattitude . She acts and fights acttype . She is often described as a philosophy motivated motiv . She femalelifestyle . She fights with her weapon . She interestingfact . She hobby .

 color ::= blue | green | black | grey | violet | scarlet | golden | silver | copper-coloured | turquoise | hazel | red | chocolate | amber
skincolor ::= pale | fair | white | tanned | dark | black
typeofcharacter ::= Lunar of the lunarcaste Caste who exalted timescale | renegade Abyssal of the abyssalcaste Caste who was exalted timescale | solarcaste Caste Solar who exalted timescale | outcaste element Aspect Dragon Blooded who exalted timescale | element Aspect Dragon Blooded Dynast who exalted timescale | element Aspect Dragon Blooded Dynast who exalted timescale | Fae Noble | God-Blood | Fae-Blood | ronin Sidereal chosen of maiden who exalted timescale | Bureau Sidereal chosen of maiden who exalted timescale | Ghost-Blood | Demon-Blood | demon | spirit | ghost
maiden ::= Mercury | Venus | Mars | Jupiter | Saturn
solarcaste ::= Dawn | Zenith | Eclipse | Twilight | Night
abyssalcaste ::= Dusk | Moonshadow | Day | Midnight | Daybreak
lunarcaste ::= No Moon | Changing Moon | Full Moon
location ::= the Blessed Isle | the North | the East | the South | the West | the far North | the far East | the    far South | the far West | Sijan | the Imperial City | Rubylak | an unknown place
timescale ::= very recently | quite recently | several years ago | many years ago
element ::= Fire | Air | Water | Wood | Earth
acttype ::= flashily | extravagantly | stylishly and cool | violently | as if in a dream | calmly | cooley
socialattitude ::= shy | friendly | extroverted | unfriendly | aloof | affable | very outgoing | quiet | often lost in thought | aggressive | friendly, especially towards those of the opposite sex | cold | arrogant | most often silent | openly hostile | charming
philosophy ::=  hedonist | existentialist | nihilist | pragmatist | dangerous sociopath | dangerous bigot | naive optimist | pessimist
motiv ::= by self-interest | by grand ideals | by loyalty to family and kin | by unfathomable otherworldly desires | soley by money | by a death-wish | by love | by a desire for revenge | by a secret personal quest | by religous fervor | by frivalous whims | by a burning desire for power | by a desire to change the world | by a hatred of all life | by a personal vendetta | by friendship

 malelifestyle ::= survives thanks to his resiliance and quick wits | gets by thanks to his great strength | lives by his ability to manipulate others | makes a living thanks to his artistic ability; he is wealthlevel | makes a living through his craftsmanship skills; he is wealthlevel | lives by his combat skills | lives by his good looks and charm | makes a living by his knowlege and intelligence

 femalelifestyle ::= survives thanks to her resiliance and quick wits | gets by thanks to her great strength | lives by her ability to manipulate others | makes a living thanks to her artistic ability; she is wealthlevel | makes a living through her craftsmanship skills; she is wealthlevel | lives by her combat skills | lives by her good looks and charm | makes a living by her knowlege and intelligence

 wealthlevel ::= amazingly rich | very wealthy | quite wealthy | reasonably well-off | comfortably wealthy | quite poor | extremely poor
weapon ::= bare hands | bare hands | material daiklaive | material grand daiklaive | material power-bow | material chakrams | material dire lance | katana | axe | spear | throwing knives | longbow | seven-section staff | shuriken | knives | material serpent sting staff | sorcerous abilities | sorcerous abilities | sorcerous abilities | steel whip | staff |
material ::= orichalcum | jade | gossamer | starmetal | moonsilver | soulsteel
interestingfact ::= is married | has no close friends | has a powerful enemy | was orphaned at a young age and lived on the streets | is a fugitive criminal | has friends in high places | possesses a powerful artifact | is very young | is very old | is deaf | is a drug addict | suffered a violent childhood | seeks to atone for past sins | has recently escaped from slavery or imprisonment | suffers from disturbing dreams and nightmares | has attracted a mysterious ally | suffers from amnesia and has no memories beyond a certain date | is accompanied by a magical creature | has a chronic disease | is the victim of a terrible curse

 hobby ::= is an animal lover | has a taste for fine wines | plays an unusual musical instrument | lives an lavish lifestyle | lives a frugal lifestyle | writes excellent poetry | is a compulsive gambler | always wears a strange mask | collects items | collects items | collects items | is covered in strange tattoos | is a vegetarian  | is a pacifist
items ::= material trinkets | flowers | trophies from fallen enemies | pretty rocks | interesting magical items | strange creatures and plants


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