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If vector A is perpendicular to vectors B and C then A = B x C
 (Ax)   By Cz - Bz Cy
(Ay) = Bz Cx - Bx Cz 
(Az)  Bx Cy - By Cx

Ay and Az both follow the pattern, so as long as you can remember the magic word describing the first line, you can work it out.

AxByCzBzCy --> xyzzy

Hey, cool! I've been searching for a mnemonic for this, and all I needed, all along, was a silly word! Yay! --Requiem
I'd never realised this could actually be useful.  Doesn't that sorta negate the point?  --Vitenka
I use the phrase "Hhelibebcnofnenamgalsipsclar! KCa!" to remember the first few elements. "Xyzzy" is much easier. I suppose it's my odd brain again. --Requiem
Um, er, um, how does that work?  Me I just, um, remember how to do it, mnemonics annoy me and I tend to remember the thing I was trying to remember better anyway.  All except for SOHCAHTOA which I remember as a word which might be a nearlly-mnemonic.  Determinants and cross products have an nice easy-to-remember pattern to them though. - Naath
It's my strange facility with things that sound like words but aren't. I just remember the pattern of syllables. --Requiem

MagicWord used in CrowtherAndWood?'s ColossalCaveAdventure -- see http://www.xyzzy.com/

SeeAlso Mnemonics, or put yourself at [risk] of being EatenByAGrue.
CategoryMaths, CategoryMagic

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