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Record of a Yokohama Shopping Trip

Interesting.  Very simple and sweet style, both to the story and the art.  I think I like it.  Oh, and Alpha-san is cute :) --Kazuhiko

MoonShadow can see this being one of those shows that a lot of people say "nothing happened" after watching. (This was confirmed at Wildercon - the mainstream reaction halfway through the showing was basically "turn this poo off, it's too slow for us to cope with, nothing is happening, we want more Pokemon"). It's a stunningly beautiful "nothing", though, with a lot of thought and a surprising amount of plot, interaction between characters and character development for something with so little speech.

With many thanks to Tsunami for pointing it out to me I would direct people to the [scanlations of the manga] which currently runs to roughly 10 and a half volumes.

While the anime is nice in a slightly dreamy way, the manga is gorgeous.  The world Alpha lives in is wonderful to see, as are the characters.  It has the same laid back attitude of the anime but has the time to properly explore the environment.

For anyone who enjoyed the anime, you need to read the manga.  For anyone who wondered what on Earth was going on in the anime, you need to read the manga.  For anyone who can cope with the idea that a story doesn't have to be told as quickly as possible, you need to read the manga. --Kazuhiko

Waaaaah... I wanna live somewhere like that! *cries* - MoonShadow

This is so remarkably cool. Up to Volume 4, with tendrils of plot just beginning to creep in... I just *love* the way that it can quite happily devote an entire chapter to someone's dream, or a song sung between two characters, or, or... It's been a very long time since i've read anything which has given me this sense of deep-seated contentment. -GO

Hiyahs, macloud's my callsign, first time poster.
[Here]'s where you can get the original 1998 OVAs that are set before the [most recent episodes].

The manga came to a close on 25 Feb '06 (in the, confusingly named, April issue of "Afternoon").  This means it will be 14 volumes in total, over a stretch of around 12 years!  For those following ScanLations, such as the ones linked above, chapter 140 is the last one.

On the plus side, the manga-ka will be starting a new series in May --K (getting his info from [Misago's forums])


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