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The CollectableCardGame, this is.

My cousins were collecting it when aged about 9 and 11, and managed to convince me to play a game - I did, and won easily - but mostly because they were ignoring some little details in the rules they didn't understand. Imagine playing MagicTheGathering with infinite mana...

In fact, that's a good comparison, because I kept thinking "This is just M:tG, but with only one creature at a time, and some silly morphing rule we aren't using because their decks aren't designed at all."

Anyway, to me it looked like a pedestrian version of MagicTheGathering, with all options except creature smackdown removed - but I hardly got a good look.
Having played a few games, that seems a reasonable assessment.  A version of MagicTheGathering designed to be played by seven-year-olds.  The Evolution is kinda like a basic version of creature-enchantments, or gating creatures.  It's not an utterly trivial game, which speaks well for it.  But anyone wanting anything with much subtlety or depth would be better advised to look at any of a number of other CollectableCardGames.  --AlexChurchill

The GameBoy game was quite playable, really... (Not the GameBoy version of the CCG, if such a thing exists - the original Pokemon game.)
*Shudder* I really hope not... The plague has spread far enough already, in my opinion... - GreenOpal

You'll be happy to know that there is a version for the GBA coming out then :)  Only in Japan so far but it's only a matter of time (in fact, July the twenty-something)... - Kazuhiko

[9.10.2001]: aig20: That [thing you're drawing] looks almost like a boyish version of Pokemon
- mag32 [calmly]: Insult me again and I will rip your liver out

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