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Inked sketch of Rua, under a tree. I was going to do Ayan, but she wasn't cooperating, and Rua's quite 'photogenic' anyway (what word should I use if it's a sketch not a photo?).

Pixel likes to eat paper. First she chases it, then she catches it and proceeds to tear it apart bit by bit, and spit the pieces out on the floor. You have to catch her in the right mood; if you don't, she looks at you disdainfully in that wonderfully supercilious way cats have. If she is in the right mood, then woe betide the paper. Sometimes we leave a kitchen roll on the floor overnight, and in the morning there are multiple bits of tissue over the floor and the kitchen roll is standing where it was but is looking rather more sorry for itself than before.

- Sun Kitten, 4th October '05

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