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I have a job now, involving data curation. It's quite repetitive, and I noticed I'm feeling much more creative this week than I have been before. I'm wondering if there's something about doing a job where your brain is free to fiddle a bit which stimulates that kind of thinking, as opposed to a job or hobby where your brain is constantly at work - which mine was, while I wasn't working (and there is something very backwards about that). It's one of the reasons I like lab work; it's varied but ultimately not particularly mentally stimulating - it's just like a complicated recipe, and when you do things more than once - well, I can do minipreps in my sleep by now. Anyway, whatever the cause, I like the result.

Speaking of backward things, I tried three ways of getting to work this week. On Tuesday I took the bus; Wednesday the car and on Thursday I cycled, which was surprisingly fun, although I'm sure it wouldn't be if the weather wasn't cooperating. Forty-five minutes' cycle ride, twice a day. Anyway, it seemed very wrong to me that firstly, I am travelling from my home in the city to my workplace in the tiny village, secondly, that it costs more to take the bus than it does to drive, and thirdly, that it's more expensive to rent than to pay a mortgage. It just seems very backwards  o.O;;

Looking for the Sun issues 13 and 14 have their own covers at last; here and here respectively.

Don't forget the Marathon Anime Showing :)

- Sun Kitten, 18th November '05

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