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Brighton was fun - it's a lovely city, and we had plenty of time away from the stand to wander around and go down the pier. The weather was cold clear and frosty, but with the sun shining as well (which I love) and there are some excellent restaurants around. I realised how much Cambridge is missing - those lovely little Lanes with all the tiny weird shops on are fantastic, and really we should have some here. They probably got bought out, which is sad - it must be so expensive to run a shop in Cambridge City Centre by now. The Comic Expo itself was also fun; we got some really good freebies (and we did pay for some stuff too), and there were good people to talk to, but the group actually sold very little. It didn't seem to matter that much. The operation went smoothly, and the rota worked - I think we're getting the hang of this organisation thing  ^^

(Don't forget the Marathon Anime Showing :)

- Sun Kitten, 22nd November '05

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