Artifaxis is updated on Tuesday and Friday

I can't believe how busy I've been recently - it's actually quite scary. Applying for jobs takes forever, and I really want to get Looking for the Sun 16 finished, never mind the various bits of volume 2 that need doing (I was so enjoying playing with my graphics tablet too). Then there's Artifaxis, and the advent calendar (first 9 pictures done, which is good; I like doing advent calendars and didn't want to miss this one by being terminally disorganised. It'll start this Thursday), and the various cards I've been doing, and they have to be printed - I haven't even scanned them yet. I've got to 'revise' for interviews and sort presents and make sure they all get where they're going on time.

So what did I spend tonight doing? Installing virus protection software. Bleh. I know, I know, it's necessary, but I'm really beginning to begrudge all the time spent uninstalling and installing and reinstalling. Still, it's working now (after Moonshadow clubbed it over the head with DirectX files, anyway). Hopefully I won't have to worry about it until this time next year.

(Don't forget the Marathon Anime Showing - I'm looking forward to a weekend where I can actually get some stuff done without feeling guilty for neglecting chores ;)

- Sun Kitten, 29th November '05

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