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I was particularly pleased with this picture of Arram :) Things have slowed down considerably since I started working full-time again, but I'm still working on Kite for the cover of Looking for the Sun volume 2, and there will be an advent calendar this year. I was beginning to worry about the lack of theme, but I have one now. I'm travelling to work by bike at the moment, and it's a 45 minute ride, so I have a lot of time to think about such things - I've got quite a bit more plot worked out for stuff as well. It's a bit weird that it works that way, since I didn't have to do anything before and theoretically I could have been thinking about plots and advent calendars the whole day, but I didn't. Maybe it's just the need to distract myself  ^.^

(Don't forget the Marathon Anime Showing :)

- Sun Kitten, 25th November '05

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